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Grilled Chicken Mayo Sandwich

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Grilled chicken mayonnaise sandwiches, as we all know, are a popular recipe in American cuisine. This recipe is an Indianized version of the same with lots of veggies and is super easy to make. If you have all the ingredients it just takes 20 minutes to make the sandwich. They are like comfort food and loved especially by kids.

They make for a great mid-day snack or evening meal as supper. The proteins in chicken go well with the carbohydrates of bread making it a complete meal. This bread recipe is easy to make and can be made every day as lunch also

Chicken (Dark or Light Meat): 400 grams
Garlic Cloves (finely chopped): 1 tbsp
Chopped Onions: 1 cup
Sliced Carrots :1 cup
Bell Pepper Sliced: 1 cup
White Pepper Powder: ¼ tsp
Italian Herbs: ½ tsp
Olive Oil: 2 tbsp.
Pepper: APT
Salt: APT
Red Chili Flakes: 1 tsp
Mayonnaise: 2 tbsp
Red Chili Sauce: 1 tsp
Grated Cheese Mix: ½ cup
Bread Slices: 8 to 10
Coriander Mint Dip: As Needed
Butter: As Needed

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