BBQ Chicken Recipes

Grilled Chicken Sizzler | Quarantine Cooking | Easy and Yummy recipes which can be tried at Home

How to make delicious Grilled Chicken Sizzler at your home easily.

Ingredients for grilled chicken:

1) Soya Sauce
2) Ginger/garlic paste
3) Lemon juice
4) Chilli flakes
5) All purpose seasoning
6) Salt to taste

Ingredients for Basmati rice

1) Basmati rice
2) Cumin seeds
3) Butter
4) Parsley

Ingredients for Bechamel

1) Butter
2) Refined flour
3) Cheddar cheese
4) Black pepper powder
5) Milk

Ingredients for mashed potatoes
1) Boiled potatoes
2) Milk/fresh cream
3) Chilli flakes
4) Origano
5) Salt
6) Chat masala

Ingredients for mixed veggies
1) Butter/oil
2) Chopped onions and garlic
3) Bell peppers
4) Carrot
5) Broccoli
6) Cottage cheese

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