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Grilled Sazón Chicken | Ninja Foodi Grill | How to Grill Chicken Legs | My Gadget Kitchen | #214

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Grilled Sazón Chicken | Ninja Foodi Grill | How to Grill Chicken Legs | My Gadget Kitchen | #214

Some chicken! lol
Canola oil to spray over chicken
Seasonings to taste: kosher salt (under the skin), granulated onion, granulated garlic, black pepper, sazon seasoning

Preheat grill to 500 (7-8min)
Season chicken under skin and on all sides
Cook chicken for about 20 until done, flip chicken halfway through

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Video Transcription

hey you foodies it’s crystal welcomeback to my gadget kitchen today I’mgonna show you how to make grilledsazelin chicken and I’ll be using myninja foodie grill this is somebeautiful looking chicken right here andit tasted even better okay so the firstthing I did was seasoned the chickenunder the skin with some kosher saltnext I sprayed the chicken with someolive oil nope just kidding’ canola oilthen I seasoned the chicken with somegranulated onion granulated garlic andsome black pepper next it’s time for thestar of the show the sazon seasoningthis is what gives the chicken itsbeautiful color and it adds somedelicious flavor you’re going to want toseason your chicken on all sides andmake sure you press that seasoning intothe chicken all right so this is whatyour chicken will look like once it’sall seasoned and now here I am justinserting the temperature probe into oneof the pieces and now I am going topreheat the grill so I’m setting thegrill to cook on high which is 500degrees and I am connecting thetemperature probe and I’m going to setthe probe to cook until the chickenreaches 170 degrees so now the grill ispreheating it takes about seven to eightminutes and now it’s time to add thechickenI just had to let you guys hear thatsizzle I love how hot this grill gets soat this point I’m just gonna let thegrill do its thing it’s monitoring theinternal temperature of the chicken andonce it reaches 170 it will turn offautomatically here’s a little sneak peekof the chicken as it was cooking oncethe ninja foodie hit 170 it did turn offautomatically I did use my digitalthermometer to double check the internaleternal eternal temperature internalinternal temperature and it was done andlet me tell you this chicken wasdelicious I highly recommend you givethis recipe a try because you will notbe disappointedso what did you think did you like itwell if you did please give me a thumbsup as it really does help out my channeland I greatly appreciate it and ifyou’re here and you haven’t subscribedand by my calculations 80% of you arenot subscribed go ahead and tap thatbutton and click that bell and as alwaysthanks so much for watching and rememberget out of that drive-through and getinto the kitchen bye

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