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Home Cooking with Foodland: Pulehu Chicken Drumsticks, Grilled Rib Eye and Local Style Elote

Join Chef Keoni in his home kitchen for Father’s Day grilling! He demonstrates how to make Pulehu Chicken Drumsticks, Grilled Rib Eye and Local Style Elote.

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Ingredients (Serves 4):

Pulehu Chicken Drumsticks
• 8 pieces Chicken drumsticks
• Hawaiian Salt or your favorite pulehu seasoning, as needed

Grilled Rib Eye
• 2 boneless Rib Eye Steaks, 1 inch thick
• Hawaiian Salt or your favorite pulehu seasoning, as needed

Local Style Elote
• 6 fresh Corn on cob, shucked
• Kewpie Mayonnaise, as needed
• Shichimi Togarashi, as needed
• Furikake, as needed
• 1 Lime, cut into wedges
• ¼ cup chopped Chinese Parsley

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Video Transcription

welcome to this evening’s episode ofhome cooking with food ban and as youcan see we’re outdoors and we thought itwould be super fun to do something thatwas you know an inline for Father’s Daybut also really in line for grillingseason with summer time so we’re gonnado a kind of a lot of different dishesand I think that at the end of it allthere’ll be a big night spread and we’rehoping guys do some of this for dad forstarters I have a grill this is a gasgrill that I’ve had heating up for about15 minutes and I’ve got it going at highfor me what’s really important aboutgrilling is a really high temperaturenow if you’re gonna be using charcoal orwood of course you want to be doingzones so you’re gonna have you know allof your hotter coals on one side andyou’re gonna taper down so that you havecooler zones to work with but for agrill like this because it has gasnothing gas space gas I run the wholething at high and then I kind of movethe meats and vegetables around so thatI can cook that one of the things youmight be asking is what do I do if Idon’t have a grill right so all this canbe done what you’re gonna want to do isdo it on the broiler feature in youroven at home and if you don’t have thatthere’s always a stove and there’salways a pan and so again we’re showingyou how to cook things but the key is towork with what you have at home and havefun with it so the thing I want to talkabout a little bit is I have threethings we’re gonna cook we’ve gotchicken drumstickswe have rib eyes and we have corn andthey all cook at different times the onethat thinks the longest is the chickenso I want to get that going andbasically we have our just drumstickshere they’re fresh drumsticks and reallyreally great affordable price point Ilove to do these all the time because ittastes great and they’re reallyinexpensive so the first thing we’regonna do is get them seasoned then Ihave I’m using a Ono Hawaiian seasoningnow you can totally use garlic salt orwhatever your favorite Pelayo seasoningis this wood works great for me becauseI don’t think it’s overpowering in anyone way but I think that it has someginger it’s got some garlic in here anonion and black pepper which I thinkdoes well on it and what I’m looking foras you can see when we talked aboutseasoning before is is this kind ofspacing on the seasoning you’re lookingforbecause if it’s anymore it’s gonna getsalty any less you’re not gonna haveenough seasoning so we’re gonna go aheadand get this on the grill I want to moveover a little bit so I can really getgetting clean any season now this oneyou want medium-high heat and you wantto slowly cook them because what you’retrying to do is try to render the fatout of the skin and crisp it kind oflike this the crispy skin salmon we didlast week now what I’m gonna do herealso I want to turn the gas down and Iwanna I’ve already scraped the grillgrates because I clean them but I’m alsogoing to quickly just spray them with alittle bit of canneries because I’mtrying to create a nonstick surface okaynow we’re gonna go ahead and put thedrumsticks on and again you know wealways talk about sound right I’mhearing a nice sizzle which means thegrates are nice and hot and they’reready to receive the chicken now whenyou’re cooking one of the things you’regonna learn about it’s all about timeand temperature and so in thisparticular instance I’m starting withvery high heat but it’s gonna want amedium kind of a medium cookingtemperature and so I started with a highheat because I was gonna open the grillI dropped temperature then I put thechicken on and it’s gonna start to cooknow I’ve closed the grill cover and I’mallowing the heat to come back noweventually I’m gonna adjust the heatbecause I want it to be at just thatmedium temperature so that I can let allthe fat from the skin drip out and crispit up while it’s cooking versussomething like a steak where I want tosear it quickly on the outside and Iwant to don’t want to cook it all theway throughout on the inside so we’lllet that go now oh yeah so what I usedhere is I have a coddled oil spray butbasically what you want to use is a panrelease and so if you have Pam orwhatever your preference is for usingjust like when you would spray up asaute pan or you would spray it into awhen you’re baking you spray a bakingpan that’s basically what I’m doing soI’m creatingnonstick surface on the grill grates sothat the chicken does not stick I didnot use wood chips so I’m using it’sjust a straight gas grill and there’s aI could see we could sit here and talkabout it all day because I love talkingabout the idea of grilling but for meright now I’m using a gas grill and I douse like whole wood to make a grill Ihave a weber like a big weberI don’t cattle grill that I use that forI also have a smoker but this is the oneI use when I need to do something day inand day out because it’s quick I gethome I turn the gas grill on I go for itnow there’s always trade-offs right andso when I’m using this grill I’m gonnaget some good flavor because I get somecharring and I get some of that smoke inthere but I’m not gonna get the sameflavor that I get if it were to useeither whole wood or kiawe charcoal orany kind of charcoal briquette so againit’s all trade-offs right because I wasgonna do the charcoal I would have toget the thing going and have to let itturn down to coals and so it’s justabout lead time so when I have all thetime that I do do that but right nowwhen I’m trying to quickly use this sothat’s looking goodnow we’re gonna get the corn going thisis a really nice really shot but this isfresh local corn this is uh from Kahukuthan those our family does a reallyreally great job with corn and it’ssuper sweet so all I’m gonna do rightnow is I’m actually gonna use a this panspray because this is avocado oil and Iwant a very light coating on here I’mjust gonna put a very quick spray onthere and I’m gonna put it straight onthe grill I am NOT going to season ityou can season it if you want but afterwe’re done we’re gonna make our ownlocal style a latte so there’s gonna beplenty seasoning on there and plentyenough and there’s plenty sugar in thecorn so I don’t think it really needsthe seasoning okay so on this side I’vegot the chicken I want to put the corneron the left side I’m using two differenttimes so that one was touching thechicken so this one will touch thecorner here I’ll just get them going onthe grillso sort of a housekeeping thing I’musing earpods I think they’re calledright for the first time so that you canhear me better but the trade-off is thatyou can’t hear Cheryl who is ourmoderator so she’ll be pitching me thequestion I will do my best to answer thequestion and phrase it in a way that youknow what the question was okay so we’vegot the corn on your chest we want tocome on here a quick I just want to showyou what I like to look at here thisthis particular girl has it has atemperature gauge on here and it’s notcalibrated but I use it as a gate as aindicator and so when I open the grillit drops down I closed it again I havethis at a full blast and you’regradually gonna see it go up and whatI’m just trying to I’m just trying tomake sure that you know it’s at aroughly in the 400 to 500 range becausethat’s a really good heat for forcooking and grilling it so it’s almostgrill roasting right now but we reallyneed that and as you learn how to cookand cook more you’re always going tolearn that everything is about adjustingto and so today it happens to be windyand so I had to be very sort of aware ofthat and when I open the grill I gottaput the fun and close it quickly becausewhat I’m trying not to have happen iswhen a grill opens all the heatdissipates because the wind blows itaway but you’re seeing right now it’sactually kind of holding right here atthe 300 and I’m wanting to see itgradually go higher so I’m gonna leaveit closed a little bit longer whilewe’re doing some other things okay we’renot gonna put the the steaks are justquite yet but you know I wanted to talkstrategy a little bit and so thedrumsticks are probably gonna take about20 minutes to cook and that’s why I gotthem on right away because I wanted themto be able to do their thing while we’retalking and cooking and try to get thatit was the longest lead time to cookwell with in other things these rib eyesare approximately an interestingand I wanted to be medium-rare and sothey’re gonna cook probably in six toseven minutes I would say three minutesper side assuming that my grillcontinues to cooperate with me andwhat’s interesting see this is theinteresting part about cooking is thewind blew out the gas just now and sothat is why the temperature wasn’t goingup but that’s all about that’s whatcooking is about and so anyway whilethis thing is coming back to thetemperature let me just double checkwe’re gonna do three minutes on eachside and I’m shooting for about mediumrare and what you’re looking for on amedium rare here is 120 degreesFahrenheit when checked with athermometer and that’s why I’ll I’lltalk about this over and over again Iwant to make sure that you’re you’regonna do a lot of cooking you’re goingto really get into it it’s worth gettinga thermometer like 12 bucks 10 bucks andyou’re gonna be a very precise cook andthat’s what’s gonna help you nail theresults that said I wanted to show youreal quickly there’s other ways you cancheck temperature and one of the thingsthat we teach people when they’relearning if they don’t have athermometer is to check you can checktemperature by comparing it to your handhere and if you open your hand heregradually as you push on your ear fromhere and you push up here your your itgets firmer and so if you were to feelhere in your hand it’s kind of reallysoft and there’s a lot of give that’skind of like rare very rare and then asyou get as it’s firmer you’re startingto move up into more what is considereddoneness and so this is rare this wouldbe like medium rare up here you start tofeel medium and up here what’s reallyfirm that’s medium well and then reallyfirm super firm is like well done so ifyou were to feel that and if you were tocut your steak you can kind of get asense of what your temperatures arelooking like and what the doneness lookslikeokay so we’ve got we’ve got fire and nowwe’ve got yes this is cooking nicely sowe’re gonna let that cook the otherthing I wanted to touch base with you ona little bit is the R is the stakes hereand so these are rib eyes they’reCertified Angus beef and they’re USDAchoice and so if you come and take alook at the steaks that we have herewhat I wanted to show you is the steakselection that I did and when you lookat the steak this piece here is thespinalis right here and that is a veryvery tender juicy piece of a mussel andthen this is the eye and you know youwant to try to find a nice size eye anice piece of spinalis and what I liketo you can find right along the edgehere this is where the fat cap is youknow if you want if you can findsomething that has about a quarter of aninch that’s really nice this one here iswould be nice it had just a little bitmore fat as you can see here this has alittle bit less fat and because it hasless fat it’s gonna cook it’s not gonnabase as well the other thing you want tolook for is marbling and marbling or arethose little flecks or white flecks thatyou’re seeing in a skin a steak likehere all of this is marbling and thatmarbling is really what adds flavor butalso when you’re grilling the steak italso tenderizes the steak and keeps itmoist so when you’re getting a ribeyelook for the I look for a nice spinalisyou want a nice cap of fat here not toothick just about a quarter-inch and themore flex you have in here the moreflavor you’re gonna be you’re gonna getand you get a more tender experience I’malso using bone-in ribeyes here and thedifference between a bone-in vs. boneout is you’re gonna get more flavor it’sgonna retain more moisture the trade-offis of course you don’t you know there’sless edible portion but you’re going toget a nice flavor using a ribeye likethat let’s take a look at what we havehere okay so the chicken is starting tonicely Brown[Music]one thing I would notice that the windis definitely having an effect on thetemperature that we’re working with hereare there any questions so farso whether I have to cook longer cookingit sorry the question is do I have tocook it longer if there’s a bone in itit will attack it will typically takelonger if there’s a bone in it becauseas you get close to the bone the bonetakes a longer time to come totemperature so the answer is yes thereare ways to work with that though iswhen I when I’m gonna cook a steak likethis depending on what temperature I’mlooking for sometimes I’ll take itstraight out of the refrigerator and puton the grill because it’s because it’ssuper cold I can char it more on theoutside and it takes longer for it tocook through because it’s refrigeratedif I wanted to cook something furtherthrough or I don’t want to have so muchsearing on the outside I might let itsit for a little bit outside becausethen it’s coming closer to roomtemperature which will then make it cookquicker so again it’s all these thesethings you can play with the time andtemperature ok so while our chicken andour corn is is working I thought itwould be cool to do something they werenot in your email they’re not in yourlist I guess we would call them extracredit but I thought you know it wouldbe fun to do you can grill the steak andthen you can slice it pupu style you canserve it as is but I also thought it’dbe fun to sort of have a topping on onthe steak and so what I’m gonna do iswe’ll do a quick salads you know wetalked about cooking all the time andwhen I think about cooking I want tomake sure that I’m balancing lighter andheavier things I want something that’skind of kind of cleanse your palate andrefresh and so a ribeye steak becauseit’s a fattier piece of meat I wanted tohave something that can kind of cleansethat wire eating it so we’re gonna makea quick daikon and onion salad so we’llget that going right now whileeverything is cookingso basically I have a nice piece ofdaikon here I’m gonna peel it now youcan peel the whole thing but I’m gonnahold it here I’m not gonna use all ofthis for demonstration so I didn’t peelcompletely all the way I’m gonna checkthe chicken I’m gonna move it because Iwant to go to another hot part of thegrill another great questionwhich I would explain in a second I’mturning the corn because I want to charbut if I leave it on one side too longthen it might burn right and so I’m justgonna like keep pretending like almostlike I’m rotisserie and so I’ll justkind of gradually turn the corn thequestion yes so the question is doesorganic taste better or different thanconventional and the in general I wouldsay it does taste there for it but italso has to do with the processingmethodology right it’s I mean you canbuy free-range chicken and the ideabehind that is the chicken because itgets the room its diet is differentright and because it uses its musclesmore it’s developing flavor so there’sthat benefit versus conventionalchickens which are typically in a morein confined environment and they’regrain fed but the other difference alsois the processing and so a lot ofchicken if you buy and you want to checkto see if it was if it has a brinesolution at it so you look at the labelit might say you know 10 or 15 percentour solution added and what what they’redoing is they’re there they’re therethey’re almost there brining it so thatwhen you cook it and if you make amistake it’s still gonna be juicy sowhen you’re buying organic in a lot ofcases they might not be brined or theymay have a less of a brine solution andbecause of that it has less moisturewhich means you’re going to get morechicken flavorso I have one of these cool peelers hereand it’s a you know it’s gonna give mestrips and so it’s just a real quickhere temperature 165 degrees Fahrenheityou’re shooting for temperature I’msorry the temperature of the chickenyou’re shooting for 165 can you make thecoin in the broiler absolutelyjust turn your broiler on if you want touse inviting oil the oil the corn andthen put it in the broiler and you don’twant to kind of turn it like I’m turningit so basically if you would envisionthat the top was the heat of the broilerand the top is the grill then that wouldbe you know your heat source you justwant to turn it gradually so that youcan cook it so here’s my strips I’mmaking a nice salad here but I also wantto show you in case you don’t have oneof these things because not everyone hasone I’ll just use this piece for ademonstration but you know you couldtake your big daikon cut little stripslike this line them up kinda like we’vedone before right and then you want toget in here and do your julienne yes soplease everyone don’t forget you can askas many questions as you want and usethe Q&A function in your interface andthen we’ll go ahead and answer them andyou know they can be about the dishwe’re cooking but they can be aboutcooking in general – I’m the thought Ihave is when people ask me questionsabout just cooking in general ok nowwe’re cooking here right so we’regetting some nice heat here and I’mtrying the chicken here this one’s 1/2stick so I’m gonna gradually like loosenit so I can turn it and what I’m tryingto replicate with this these don’t thinkI’m trying to replicate Huli chicken thechicken that you see when you see forfunwhen you’re driving on the road andcountryside and they got the thingspinning this in my opinion why when Idid this and I taste it I’m like wowthat really reminds me bully chickenit’s and it’s just the seasoning saltbut it’s the slow cooking methodallowing the juices to come out andreally letting the skin be crispy yesthe peeler that I use for the daikon isbasically it’s if they call it ajulienne peeler and a lot of companiesmake them but it has basically it’s apeeler with with these grip with theselittle teeth here so when you pull it itcreates this really nice julienne it’sgreat for making green papaya salad theone I have is by Kuhn Swiss company andI happen to have the same peeler by theway if you’re gonna buy a peeler aregular peeler this is the one to buythis brandI mean promise I’m not getting any I’mnot sponsored by these guys but all thecooks you’re going to kitchen this isthe one that they’re using okay so Ihave an onion this is a Maui onion Iwant to pick up some of this there’s alittle piece of blemish there and so Ihave my daikon I’m gonna add some Mollyonion because really nice because I wantthe flavor but I don’t want a big hugeonion burst when I you know when I’meating a salad you can oil the insteadI’m using the spray you can oil achicken the reason I use the sprayversus oil in the chicken in thisexample I do both but the reason I didit in this example is because I wantedto show you that the probability is ifyou use the spray you’re gonna use lessoil and so when you add the oil a lotsof times you put too much and there’s abunch of it at the pan and the chickensgreasy and then you put it on the grilland you have a flare-up and so to me youshould if you’ve not done this beforeit’s worth trying because you’re gonnaget just the right amount of coating onthe chicken but not just drenched inthat yeah if the chicken the grill youspray it again that depends sometimesthey don’t if I’m done if I’m really notdoing anything more and it’s like fineI’ll leave it but if I was gonna take ifI was gonna put something else on thereor move it then I would scrape the grillagain and then I would lightly grease itagain I’m gonna put the steaks on atsome point and then I’ll probably haveto do that so you can see that but let’sif you can get this camera on you I wantyou to see this so this is what I’mlooking forthis is really nice I’m looking for likecharring I like the bubbling there youcan see some gold in here and that’swhat we want to have happen here okayagain very inexpensive cut of meat sowhen it’s done it’s really reallydelicious and the corn I think you sawsome of that a little bit of blackeninga little bit of browning and that’sreally what makes it delicious and thatkind of like goes back to the question Ithink someone was asking about do youhave to grill it you don’t have to butit’s just a layer of flavor that you’regonna get more by that smokiness and thecharring that you’re getting when I cutthe onion did I cut it with or withoutthe green I cut it with the grain so thereason I did that is because it’s aformality I would say it’s it’s aboutit’s just about look feel when you lookat the salad here it looks like thedaikon and the onion is integrated inone if I had cut it against the grainyou would have very pronounced kind ofCrescent shapes and when I put it inhere you’d see them all mixed up and soI think it’s about you know cooking isabout taste and presentation and so inthis instance it’s really about the lookthat I’m trying to go for for the dishokay so I’m just doing a tiny pinch ofsalt yes I would say a quarter a quarterteaspoon if you wanted to know theamountI’m gonna put a little bit of pepperhere and if we had smell-o-vision you’dsmell it smell the holy chicken goingright now and then I have this is thisis the part that I think over time as weall cook together you’re gonna startseeing me maybe use things that we’veused before and so for those of you thatwere with us last week and we did theponzu sauce I have a little bit ofsilver right so it’s still great stilldelicious I’m going to put a little biton here so for those for those of youthat you know if you had a waffle steakthis is kind of where that inspirationcomes from so I’m using my ponzu I’vegot some I’ve got the daikon but insteadof grading it I did a Juliet I’ve gotsome onions in here and then we’re gonnago and sit here I’m close to putting thesteaks on so let’s take a look at wherewe’re at real quick when I open thisstuff I’m hoping to see some nicebubbling on the chicken so nice crispyskin going but I’m seeing I’m very happyand I’m not opening it to crazy becauseI want to try to retain the heat but Iwant to turn the chicken see that you’reto see how it still watch the sunlightif I was using charcoal the time wouldremain the same let me just turn this alittle bit we can talk more about thatand the corn is almost done so thequestion was if I’m using the charcoalwith the time remain the same the timewill remain the same because I will beusing the same heat zone that I’m usinghere and so the only difference would bethat I’m getting even more flavorbecause I’m getting that smokiness andI’m wondering when the fat drips intothe charcoal I get bursts of smoke andthat’s that’s really the only differencethat we’re talking would be experiencingokay so steak herewe talked about the grade the cut theother thing that I want to show you iswhen you’re cooking a steak if you’respecial you’re going to sear it in a panmoisture is the enemy of caramelizationright so I will take the steak and Iwill Pat it just to get all of theexcess moisture off because what that’sgonna do is it’s gonna compete with myability to have a beautiful steak whatI’m going to do it quickly is I’m gonnaclean the grate and then I’m gonnaquickly hit it with a little bit of thispattern ease spray just quickly justjust really just to to lubricate thegrate and never go and sees it againlike we talked about right a little bitand I think you know the question withthe comment I get a lot when I’m showingpeople how to cook I see just a littlebit and they say that’s a lot and kindof tell them is that you know in a lotof instances people error on the side ofless because it’s just not sure but in aprofessional kitchen and when we’relearning how to cook this is thelayering of seasoning that we do a cookand I like to think that there is athere’s a result of that and that’sthat’s waiver and that’s really reallywhat makes things delicious so I’m gonnaput this on the grill this sides gonnago down and then I’ll season the otherside so that I’m not you know fiddlingaround with this thing one thing I’mgonna do is I’m gonna here’s the steakright so here’s let’s say this is 12o’clock right 12 o’clockI’m gonna put them down in an anglebecause when you learn how to whenyou’re cooking in a professional kitchenthe angles tell you what level ofdoneness the steak or what the degree ofcooking is if I’m cooking twenty fivesix at a time based on the angle ofwhich it is I can tell where I am withthat particular state so I’m gonna startthese the tip here I’m gonna startpointing out like what is that gonna fogI’m gonna close the grill because I wantto I want to let that kind of do itsthing and then I’m gonna season it butthen I’m after ten o’clock for aboutmaybe two minutes or so then we’ll turnit again and I’m gonna go to like twoo’clock so I know where I am on thatcooking and that’s also gonna help mecreate the diamond pattern and you seewhen you get real steaks and restaurantsokay so the corn is just about done keepin mind once I’ve started cooking themit’s it’s they’re ready you’re thetemperatures are already kind of liketaking care of the bacteria or anypossible bacteria so it’s okay but it’swhen it’s it’s when it’s raw is reallythe question right so you can usedifferent tongs or you wipe the tongsclean them so that you can make sure younot cross contaminating we’ll take thecorn off the coin here now the corn asyou can see our chickens coming togetherright tightening up crisping up I’mgetting a charring it’s very palatablevery holy chicken right I’m gonna coolthat real quick I’m gonna grab a littlebit more seasoning will do the state’sreal fastand then we’re gonna do the corn so thisis what I’m looking for in the corncouple things I’m looking forI want the corn to cook but I don’t wantto overcook it how can you tell if it’sovercooked or undercooked see right hereyou start to see a little bit of thewrinkling of the skin this is a littlebit plump I like a degree of some plumpand some wrinkling if it was reallyreally withered looking all of it wasreally withered and wrinkled it meansI’m overcooked and all the moisturesgone is too soft on the corn that I liketo eat I’m looking for thesort of Criss penis and I think localstyle when we eat vegetables we needthem more on the crisp side and so Ithink that’s kind of what you’d belooking for now we’re gonna go ahead andfinish these the first thing we’re gonnado for this low-tech style is we’regonna hit it with a little Mayo now I Iknow I said could use QP and I would beusing it if I had it but for some reasonthere’s a run on QP and so there wasn’tany store I’m gonna use our otherfavorite best foods so I’m gonna put alittle bit on top here just a littleline it’s like we’re making potato saladwith cornokay I’m gonna got that on there we’regonna spoon here I’m just gonna justquickly rub it rub it in there now yeahit’s up to you but you could if youreally like mayonnaise you can like putthe whole thing around there rubbed allin there but I’m just gonna leave it ontop because they think that that’s notwell classically a latte which I mean itmeans corn cob in Spanish and has becomeknown as Mexican Street corn usesmeanings and so I’m using mayonnaise inhonor of that traditional dish if youdon’t want to use mail you don’t have toor you could potentially try usinganother something like sour cream I’mgonna turn it now facing that way both Imean right now technically am i cookingit for even cooking or the grill marksit’s both I’m trying to get nice grillmarks because it looks cool but also I’mtrying to evenly disperse it on thedifferent zones so I kind of this bothso the question is what temperature isthe grill I have the grill for wellbecause it’s windy I have it full blastbecause I’m just trying to maintain thetemperature that I have here but if itwas not a windy day onnormal day for the steak I would beusing full glass I try to be getting 500or more for the chicken I would probablybe trying to get 350 and then the cornwill work for the three is well okay soI got my mail my mail is nicely kind oflike melting in there and I don’t putand see the difference between mail andbutter right the mail will cling thebutter would have melted and dripped allthe way down plus it gives it adifferent flavor the next thing we’regonna do is we’re gonna hit it withtogarashi which is the and it’s not openis chichi me right it gives a nice colorit gives a nice heat the Mexican versionhas cayenne so that’s where thefamiliarity comes with this now MexicanStreet corn uses a Mexican cheese calledcotija cheese you could put gratedparmesan if you wanted to or feta cheeseon here I did not put any cheese on thisone but that’s just a personal call wegot some food here then I’m gonnaput on here try to get it on the cornand not in the wind and if you’d like wetalked about I didn’t season it but ifyou wanted to I’ve got some garlic saltyou could put a little bit on there tooand then the next thing is to go aheadand plate them by the way these are Ilike this place is their really coolplace that a friend of mine Suzy saysgave me these are all old-school dinerfreaks that are really fun that would begood too or you know would be goodkabayaki would be cool too cuz i wouldcling but again i just it’s all aboutpersonal preference right so but havefun with it now I’ve got this on heregotta check my my cooking my meatswhat’s going on over here my chickensokayturn my steak yes give me one secondhereI want to check the chicken temperatureI think we’re probably pretty closeremember how I wasn’t doing nothing andnow it’s like happy and let’s see whatwe got heresee right there right it’s a little bitpass but it’s good so this is ready toeat now I’m gonna take these off I’mgonna plate these up then all we haveleft is our steak and everything comestogether rightI’m gonna use my collector ImperialPalace now usually if you go to thestore you buy a pack right what thechicken comes in I could like a 10 or 12card I just did eight comes togethervery quickly the temperature here okayso space you’re ready to go I think I’mshooting for 120 so that was 120 kick inthe chicken temperature I’m shooting foris 165 okay so I’ve got cilantro that’sgoing on here and then we’re gonna alsohit it with some lime and then when youserve it you always want to give extralimes to people because they’re somepeople that really like their acidity soI’ll put some over there for people tograb what they want we’ve got our holychickens here and then the next thingwe’re gonna do is we’ll do the steak I’mgonna put this just I wanna put one hereand then I’m gonna cut some of it up bythe way I want to garnish this this isfrom my garden these are like red shisolook at the size of these leaves massiveyou could do wraps with these but I wantto cut some of it off so we can garnishthe salad the steak yes sorry the ponzusauce so the ponzu sauce is very simpleit’s show you I used you can put it in arice wine vinegar and then I used limejuice and lemon juice so that I can kindof try to recreate the yuzu flavor andyou can put a little bit of oil if youwant but that’s a very simple sauce nowI think if I remember correctly you gota little bit of sugar to it too ormedium that’s right with meeting so youknow you could this was a quickly Ididn’t require cooking a lot of recipesyou cook you put it all together yousimmer it you reduce it you could dothat and make it more a concentratedflavor but I was doing something quickyeah okay so now we have our chicken wehave our military we have a steak I’mgonna cut this one up a little bit righthere you know it’s always someone thatmight want a little piece of fat thereso I’ll put that on the side we’ll goahead and just cut the slice this uphere and we’re almost there we’re gonnawrap this up are there any otherquestions about the dish tonight or anydishes we’ve done in the past or any ofthe cooking in general on the honestlycutting the with the green on or againstthe green mistake okay so a mistake likethis right you really don’t have achoice because a steak so when you lookat a rib the greenthis way and when they’re cutting thesteaks they’re literally cutting againstthe grain so when I cut into this steakthe green was running this way and soall I did was I cut strips and I cutthem at a bias so in an instance likethis you don’t really have an optionlike if you were doing a flank steakthat would be very important because ofthanks they can be tough if you cut itthe wrong way and you can see the linesit’s kind of like an onion you see allthose lines you just want to cut againstthe lines that you see so in thisjulienne onion I cut with the lines ifit was a steak I were to cut the otherway okay so I want a garnish yeah if youif I wasn’t doing this for you guysright nowI would definitely an Express but youwanna when you take the steak off youwant to let it rest about you know fiveminutes or so because it helps thejuices kind of come back together as youcan see I got a little bit more on thetable and that’s because I was I cut itright after we cooked it well yesresting the steak is a great thing to doif you have the time to do it changingthe time of the steak if it wasgrass-fed I would not change the time itonly depends on what temperature youwant to eat it that said if you’re gonnabe eating grass fed steak the timedifference I would recommend is gonna beshorter because I would recommend eatingit more on the rare side grass mistakestend to be leaner and because it doesn’thave the natural fat inside of the pieceof steak itself if you cook it furtherit will tend to be drier so grassmistakes tend to be better eaten on amore rare side medium rare or less andbecause you’re eating them less cookedit would result inso the chicken I don’t think needs adipping sauce and you can if you wantbut this chicken if you ate this what Ithink you need is a bowl of rice and areally big boom a that to me those threethingsit’s like making my mouth water rightnow well those are our dishes here youknow and we had a little rocky startbecause a little windy but it all cametogether we’ve got our local style alatte we’ve got our cool a whoodrumsticks real simple dish butdelicious and elegant and then we’ve gotour grilled rib eyes and we did a quickdaikon onion sort of wahoo salad withsome julienne shiso leaves I hope youguys had a great time I’m gonna hearanything digging through this and I’llyou know we’re trying to think aboutwe’re gonna do next week we’ll be sureto let you guys know I’m thinking it’llbe a more local style you know we didthe the salmon thing was very Asian thisis a little bit more I guess continentalwith a little bit of Asian influencesbut we’ll do something a comfort localstyle dish for next week and we’ll havea lot of fun with it so if you have anyother questions shoot them to us emailit to us and I’ll get back to answer mypromise and other than thatwe’ll see you next week at 5 o’clock

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