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How To: Jerk Chicken Wings and Plantain Chips| Easy Recipe| From Scratch

Here is a recipe for easy jerk chicken wings from scratch! Today we are going to be making our own marinade for an authentic jamaican dish. The only thing that we are doing differently is that we are making our wings in the oven. Traditionally, jerk chicken is made over a grill but, as many of us are stuck inside for #quarantinecooking, we made due with some liquid smoke! This jerk marinade can easily be used on ribs or seafood if you would like. Serve this up with a side of plantain chips, cabbage/ coleslaw, maybe some coconut rice, and you can pretend that you are on that vacation that none of us can take right now. Serve it up with some rum punch if you really want your guests to love you. I hope you all enjoy this dish, here are the ingredients:

5 green onions
4 garlic cloves
Juice of 2 limes
⅓ cup white wine vinegar
2 tablespoons dried thyme
1/2 Scotch bonnet pepper
4 teaspoons allspice
4 teaspoons ginger
4 teaspoons ground cinnamon
2 teaspoons ground nutmeg
2 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons ground black pepper
2 teaspoons dark brown sugar
¾ cup ketchup
3 tablespoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon coriander seeds
1 teaspoon cloves, whole
chicken wings

garlic powder
onion powder

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Video Transcription

so today we are going to be making oneof my faves which is jerk chicken and Idon’t think that this recipe is going tomake y’all aunties mad because it’spretty authentic I got all the spices ondeck and you know it’s gonna bedelicious it’s going to be seasoneddon’t mind the quality at the beginningof the video it gets a little bit betterso the first thing that I’m starting offwith in my blender cup is some greenonion and some fresh thyme next I’mgoing to add in some cloves and somegarlic I like to make my own jerkseasoning just because I feel like thestore-bought ones are never pointI know y’all know that Walker’s wood orwhatever it is I don’t know I haven’treally you know I’m not really onto thatone yet so I used half of a scotchbonnet pepper scotch bonnet peppers arereally spicy so if you are not used tothe spice I would suggest maybe doing aquarter or maybe just stick to cayennepepper if you want to authentic thoughyou need to use the scotch bonnet I thenadded in some allspice some nutmeg andnow I’m adding in some cinnamon don’tforget to Like and subscribe the spicesare the most important part so make surethat you don’t skip anything and I’llhave all of the ingredients down in thedescription box so make sure that youget this right I added in some corianderand I added in some fresh squeezedginger instead of you know like the inchof ginger that people usually use I wasjust being lazy then I added my groundpepper and I added my salt now for theliquids I’m adding in some soy saucesome white wine vinegar I’ve seen peopleuse malt vinegar if you have that usethat but I wasn’t about to buy a specialvinegar for this recipe and yes that isketchup you are seeing ketchup we’regonna add in about half a cup of ketchupto our mixso I’m adding in my brown sugar that’sgoing to give your jerk seasoning a nicebalance and blend it up once it once itwas blunted I realized I have forgottento add in my lines that happens to meall the time one thing this recipe ismissing though is the rum I typically adrum but you know but some reason inthese Roman timeseverybody is clearing out the liqueur Icouldn’t find rum anywhere you guys Icouldn’t find it on postmates I couldn’tfind it at the grocery store so y’allout here living it up and Quarantine twoshots of vodkaso you know I went without rum this timearound and what she just saw me addthere was a little bit of liquid smokeso because they’re going to be bakingthis in the oven I still wanted to havea smoky flavor so the liquid smoke kindof fakes the fact that we didn’t put itover a grill 24 hours later so after 24hours let it marinate do not try tomarinate only for an hour and then popit in the oven that’s not gonna cut itokay what we’re gonna do is put thechicken wings over a rack now this thisis not a real wire rack for the oventhis is actually the grate that goes inmy toaster oven listen it’s a little bitghetto[Music]get out but I did what I had to do okayI there’s a lot of stories that I don’thave access to anymore so we had to getresourceful I took that thing out of thetoaster and plopped it on top of my panand I put my chicken wings in the oventhey’re gonna be in the oven for an hourso while that’s happening I’m going toget started on my planten’s now do youalso a plantain Zoar plantain I’m sureis if plantain cuz you don’t saymountain you say mountain you know Imean common sense so if your planten’sare a little hard to peel what I suggestis to put them in some hot water and itwill be way way easier for you to peelthe skin off of them now if you Bowieand you have a mandolin slicer thatwould be amazing and perfect but for allof you who only have a knife like I doyou can really work your knife and andcut really really thin slices you justgot to be careful do not cut how I wascutting just now okaytry to cut maybe like how I’m doing ithere so that you don’t cut your fingersoff but if you have a mandolin slicerand you’re fancy like that I wouldHIGHLY highly suggest that you use it Iwanted to slice my planten’s this wayjust because I feel like you know it’saesthetically more pleasing for the kindof dish that we’re going for so with thewings it just looked really good but Ialso sliced them in the little roundstoo just because I felt like it just tosee how it would come out before I putthem on a parchment lined sheet I justrubbed them down with a little bit ofoil and I placed them in one layer makesure that your planten’s do not overlapbecause if they overlap they’re notgonna get crispy I chose to bake overfrying because if at any point I canavoid standing over some hot grease I’mgonna do it so if I’m getting the sameresults bacon I’m gonna bake them sowhat I the way that I bakedis I did eight to ten minutes on oneside flip them over eight to ten minuteson the other side it’s also gonna dependon your oven because everybody’s ovensare a little bit finicky and they’re alittle bit different so once they cameout hot I added in some onion powdergarlic powder and salt and I just tossedit around I did the same thing for thesmall round ones I just didn’t show iton camera because I was snacking on thembut you could see that I had a littlebit left which I showed you and thenwhen you’re done this is what theyshould look like and your wings shouldbe out of the oven by the time you’redone with that and in the end I ended uphaving my wings with some Haitian blackrice the plantain chips and it was justa Caribbean feast it was really reallygood I hope you all try it make sure youlike comment and subscribe and I’ll seeyou next time I’m probably gonna bemaking some cheddar biscuits next timeso stick around for that

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