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How to Make a Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Wrap in an Air Fryer (Live Recipe Demo with Lisa)

The secret to this hot ’n crispy 10-minute chicken wrap? The air fryer! Watch Lisa make it…


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Video Transcription

hi it’s me Lisa Lillien also known asHungry Girl I am here live in my kitchencan we hear the Hawaiian music you getthe theme of today there’s only two ofyou there what’s happening um am I gonnaget sued for copyright infringementmaybe I should just wait I just can Ican play like ten seconds of each songand then I won’t get in trouble right sothere’s you know that’s too slow we needsome rockin Hawaiian music okay can youhear it it’s nice alright I think Ishould stop but it is me I am Lisa I amhere in my kitchen I am super excited Iwas getting into the spirit but I justasked my friend I don’t want to say hername because she’s gonna start talkingto me on the phone to play some Hawaiianmusic and she accommodated so nicely andso we are here today no I was notwearing this all day and I’m not wearingit for my health I’m wearing thisHawaiian lei because I am making aHawaiian barbecue chicken wrap today yepit’s a Hawaiian barbecue chicken wrapand if you’re excited about it youshould be clicking like and you shouldbe sending hearts my way right nowbecause I am in my kitchen just for youwith me today on the sidelines we’ve gotLauren as usual she’s he oh she has notabandoned us she’s about to start workmaybe next week so we may not be seeinga lot of Lauren which is very sad buthopefully we’ll have more help on theway how are you guys doing are youexcited are you excited to be herewho’s out there I’m trying to read anynames unfortunately you’re too far awayanyway today I’m super excited as Ialways am I have my trusty air fryer ifyou don’t have an air fryer do not fretbecause you can make this recipe in anoven hopefully you have an oven if youhaven’t haven’t click like click heartslet me know hey Lisa I have an oven ifyou have an air fryer let me know youhave an air fryer the idea is I want youto be vocal I want you to tell me you’rea hungry girl fan you get the dailyemails if you do get the daily emailstell the others why they should get thedaily emails you should share this videoyou should click likeplease interact because if you do youhave the chance of winning two prettycool prizes tonight and if I decide tobe nice and might give out a third butthe first is this may be a rerun pieceof art because I think the last time Imade a rap I said that’s a wrap I don’tknow I’m not that creative I probablycould have written like all wrapped upor something else but I didn’t I wrotethat’s a wrap and there I signed it andit says to the right thing because Iwant you to choose the right thing butyou could win this piece of art that Imade with my own hands about an hour agodo you like it let me know you can alsowin these HJ measuring spoons thesespoons have become quite popular I don’tyou know I don’t understand it buteverybody’s dying for these spoons theyare handy because the spoons pop on andoff easily they snap on and off theycome pretty colors you can use them asan instrument you know they do a lot ofthings I love these foods do you likethese spoons if you like them tell meyou want to win them I’m gonna tell youwhere to get the recipe later so don’tworry if you can’t write the whole thingdown but we are making an air fryerHawaiian barbecue chicken wrap and Ihave Hawaiian trivia questions of coursewhy wouldn’t I I wrote them with my ownbrain and my own Google search just foryou oh wait I need those bowls justkiddingokay so this whole line of barbequechicken wrap click not be easier to makeand there are a lot of key ingredients Iwant to highlight one for you that I’musing today because in the rap thesedays I have been using these fabulouselectricity olfactory low-carb raps Ienjoy these a lot they only have 70calories and they have a large surfacearea great stats and they’re deliciousyou probably can find them at yoursupermarket today because I have a 7 newlove for Aldi because I went there forthe first time and then the second timeand we did a podcast and if you haven’theard the podcast it’s this week’spodcast there’s an Aldi hall where wesample all kinds of great foods fromAldi one of the things I discoveredthere were these fantastic thatactive flatbreads so I’m going to useone of these today if you don’t knowthis product check it out it’s fit anactive flatbread it’s 90 calories andit’s loaded with fiber and what I likeabout it is that it’s very large so theother wrap that I have used today and myother recipes was a 70 calories this isa 90 calorie so it’s gonna make myrecipe of 20 more calories I don’t careit’s totally worth it I love itare you following the bouncing ball doyou like my spoons I thought you didwhere do we owe our favourite our fryeris picked in the comments what is ourfavorite airfryer I don’t even know okso I have two bowls here two small bowlsand I’m gonna mix two separate things ineach Bowl so first Bowl is gonna havecan you see that bowl it’s a small bowlI’m using a wedge of laughing cow if youdon’t have laughing cow light cheesewhich is really a magical ingredient butif you prefer something maybe allnatural or do you just have cream cheeseyou could use a tablespoon of creamcheesethis is the last wedge in my wheel youdon’t you know this is room temp youdon’t even have to make it room temp butput that in your bowl and to that I’mgoing to add a tablespoon of crushedpineapple that has been drained so it isnot like full of juice it’s a trainednicely look at my do you see who that iscrappy do you know him he’s a cutelittle Japanese frog from Sanrio he’s inmy bowl okay so there’s a tablespoon ofpineapple then to that I’m gonna add atablespoon of chopped red onion Ichopped that a little earlier you justhave to throw a tablespoon of that to mewhat if I’m gonna eat onions that arenot fully cooked I like red onions thebest my lone there they’re just theytaste better than the others and now I’mgonna just chop a little fresh cilantroall right guys who like cilantro outthere I love cilantro some people thinkto entre cilantro tastes like soap I getit like sniffing the cilantro it doessmell a little soapy but I don’t get thesoap flavor in cilantroI just think cilantro especially whenI’m making things with like barbecueand a barbecue sauce to me cilantro likeis the best addition imaginable what’sgoing on am I missing anything we’redoing a tablespoon of this too so hereis my cheese wedge tablespoon ofcilantro tablespoon of pineappletablespoon of red onion you get thetablespoon gist of what’s happeningwe’re gonna mix this together it’s thatsimple it’s a small bowl nothingcomplicated just those four ingredientswhich I am mixing together or as mysister would say Barry you’re out thereright I’m mushing them to get there Ithink it’s a Brooklyn thing we’re fromBrooklyn we must we must things inBrooklyn anyone out there from Hawaiibecause if you are out there and you’refrom Hawaii you were gonna have a littlebit of an unfair advantage with today’sHawaii trivia questions is anyone fromHawaii I don’t know can you see what’shappening here all right so I’ve gotthis is actually really pretty andcolorful so this is like my cheesycilantro pineapple onion tastic mixturethat I’m gonna set aside now youfollowing still I don’t like parsley Idon’t know what it is I really a lot ofpeople are really freaked out aboutcilantro I get that way with parsleyokaynext Bowl this is where the chickencomes in so I like to keep cookedchicken in my house whether I cook itmyself keep it in the fridge of thefreezer or I buy a rotisserie chicken orI buy a premade cooked chicken this is athird of a cup it’s about it outs and ahalf of precooked chicken then I have apiece of cilantro on my hand that Ishredded personally I shredded thischicken myself that’s right and then Ichopped it a little bit so you’re gonnaput that in your Bowl and to that you’regonna add a little bit of barbecue saucejust a tablespoon of barbecue saucehence the barbecue in the barbecuechicken wrap okay you know you want tolook for a barbecue sauce withreasonable stats if I’m telling you thetruth today I’m using sweet baby Ray’sit might be a littleon the high side but you can getbarbecue sauces with about 45 or 50calories of serving and those are goodalright so we’re gonna put this barbecuesauce 1 tablespoon in with my aunts anda half aka one third of a cup of chickenand we’re gonna mix that together so youjust want to coat your chicken in thebarbecue sauce are you following this isreally a very simple recipe that I haveeaten believe it or not for breakfastfor lunch I eat it as a snack becausethe whole thing really only has twohundred and seven calories mine today isgonna have about 225 calories becauseI’m using a little bit of a larger Idon’t want to say fancy or a flatbreadcuz it’s certainly not fancy but it’s alittle bigger a little more to it I likeso many different barbecue sauces thereare so many good ones out there I don’tknow which ones do we always use in therecipes Jamie if you’re out there do welike pick one barbecue sauce a lot inthe recipes I can’t remember because Ialways have like a thousand barbecuesauces at my house I just do so okaybefore I build my wrapI am going to ask my first Hawaiiantrivia question are you ready put yourthinking cap but you’re thinking lay onhow many main islands does a Hawaiiconsist of how many main islands don’tfeel bad if you don’t know the answer tothis because I certainly didn’thow many main islands does Hawaiiconsist of what do you think OhStubbs yeah Stubbs is great you’re rightStubbs is terrificI like stub so much that I used it alland I don’t have any left in my house umbut it is that’s what we use so nowwhile you guess how many islands arethat Hawaii consists of I’m gonna putthe cheese mixture in the center of mysituationaka my flatbread it might use my fingersdon’t be offended I’m gonna be the onlyone eating this I’ll try not to cuz Idon’t want to upset you because I loveyouare you guessing the islands people okayanyone anyone because there are a lotmore than I thought what is the numbereveryone’s saying seven okay should Itell you I’m gonna tell you because I’mgonna ask the other trivia questionsafter eight there are eight mainHawaiian Islands would you like me tolisten for you is anyone out there fromHawaii because if you are I’m gonna saya lot of these words wrong and Iapologize Big Islandwe know the Big Island I got marriedthere Maui I know that Kauai OahuNihao Molokai lanai and Co hula way didI Massacre any of those names Big IslandMaui Kauai OahuNihao Molokai lanai and cool ah ha coolaway I love that oneI know it’s not so popular because Inever heard of italright next we’re gonna take thechicken mixture and put it over do yousee what I’m doing here you put it overthe cheese mixture it’s a nice amount ofchicken I have to say this is like aperfect size treat mini mealor whatever it is it’s filling I have tosay for 207 calories like a lot of barshave 220 calories whoo raise your handlike click like and hearts if you wouldso much rather have like a big sweet andfruity airfryer chicken wrap than just abar not that there’s anything wrong withthe bar but come on let’s be honest allright so I’m gonna fold the sides in andI’m gonna fold this like a pro eventhough I am the opposite of a pro do youknow I have no official culinarybackground if you don’t you don’t knowthe truth no because I really don’t Ihave no call right back but look Ifolded a wrap like that you know likeit’s my job and by the way it is my joband there it is okay now I’m gonna putthis in the air fryer I’m gonna ask youmore trivia questionsso this goes in the air fryer at 375degrees for approximately five minuteswe have Morin on the timer five minutesfive minutes actually I’m gonna just setthe timer to five minutes that is a longtime for you to sit here and watch meI’m really hopeful I don’t even knowwhat to say anymore and I already wentthrough one of my trivia questionswhere’s where’s my other trivia questionI put it away okaybut once today last night we watched thepast two nights we’ve watched movies andwe’ve watched some good movies so I wantto recommend first that if you have notseen the king of Staten Island youshould see it it’s available on it’slike all over the place we could watchit on DirecTV it’s not cheap it’s kindof pricey but it was worth it it wasgreat I thought it was a really goodmovie very well done the acting wassuperb and then last night we watched areally kind of weird psychologicalthriller black comedy called a smallfavor that I also liked so if there’sany movies that you think I might likerecommend themwe might be watching the half of ittonight in the meantime send me yourmoving your movie recommendations we’llkind of wrap okay so the people whomissed out before I use this is the fitand active flatbread that I got it allday which i think is a really greatproduct I was such a fan ofthat I’ve been using it like every daywith a lot of things so this is a greatproduct it’s 90 calories it’s loadedwith fiber but I also love theytypically do recommend a 70 calorie lottortilla factory perhaps they’rephenomenal so you could serve thoseinside today The Wrap there is chickenmixed with barbecue sauce as well aslike a cheesy mixture made from laughingcow with some cilantro red onion andpineapple all mixed together for aflavor sensation that’s amazing okaynext questionwait oh you can make it in the oven ifyou don’t have an air fryer you justthrow it in the oven at 375 degreesuntil it’s golden brown which will bearound 10 minutes so it’s easy swap theroom we’re all about the swaps yes theupcoming recipes ingredient so I’m goingto do a big video about that possiblybut I know I’m making a coffee cake in amug and I am making what’s the other 100white pizza dumplings they are so goodwhy keep the dumplings amazing I madethem for dinner the other night okayhere’s my next trivia question Hawaii isthe only state that grows whatdon’t say pineapple with us it’s notalthough like a third of the world’spineapple comes from Hawaii I’m nottalking about pineapple Hawaii is theonly state that grows something specificand it is not pineapple if you know whatit is let me know so if you’ve ever beento Hawaii you can go visit these farmsand take get samples of this and it’sgrown there and no other state in theUnited States grows this item sodo you know what it is summer eggthey’re saying blue provide with ElvisPresley is an excellent movie they wantme to watch a lion moviesall right I’m gonna ask another triviaquestion because this one is gonnarequire you to think sowho out there love to the Brady Bunch Iloved the Brady Bunch doesn’t anyoneremember when they went to Hawaii theywent to Hawaii and they were there fortwo episodes it was like a two-parter itwas my personal favorite episode of TheBrady Bunchbut when they went bobby met up with acreepy old guy and it was played byVincent Price and he somehow got aholdof this T key that he thought was likethe greatest thing since sliced breadbut in reality that t he caused a lot ofterrible things to happen I can’t evenremember the name of the TV that’s notthe question but any facts that youcould spew I would appreciate so this Tkey caused all these terrible things tohappen to the poor Brady’s if you canname any of them I will be so impressedand you will be eligible to win prizesif I get a lot of Brady comments firstof all I’m gonna give away an extra setof spoons tonight okay we get total ofover 2,000 comments we’re gonna giveaway extra spoons so like comment saywhatever you want more chances to winokay so do you remember the crazy thingsthat happen to the Brady’s what happenedwith the bad luckby the way Hawaii is the only state thatgrows did they know[Music]coffee coffee coffee coffee okay what’swhat did they say about the blade OhPeter had a tarantula crawling up hischest that poor adorable Peter I wantedto just hug him I had the biggest crushon Peter he’s the only hot Brady let’sbe honest that tarantula crawled up hischest and I just wanted it I would havetaken that tarantula with my bare handsand just ripped it off of that poor boyin the hotel room okay that was onething that happened to himoh my wrap maybe ready I’ll leave it infor like just another second becauseI’ve just been having so much fun taughtme just one more because I wanted to bereally kind of crispy but it’s almostdone so it’s like five minutes but youknow leave it in for 30 more secondsokay what else happened to the Bradys doyou remember yeah somebody said that itwas that you Oh Alice took a hula lessonand she threw her back out that wasterrible for Alice I was always had alot of bad luckI felt like Sam the butcher was neverreally as nice to her as he should havebeen she should have just kicked it tothe curbyears earlierhe did Rick did fall off his surfboardyou guys are really great fans I’m soexcited all right you guys did a goodjob I’m gonna burn myself right now Iwish I had tongs don’t try this at homewhen you remove your your wrap use tongsdon’t be crazy like me all right this Ihope this is not disappointing to youbut look at the size of this it’sfreakin beautiful do you see this do yousee how pretty it is I’ll slice it foryou are we getting any more answerswhat’s happening okay I finally have agood knife by the way usually my kniveshave been dull lately so this is lookhow pretty this is can you see insidethere you get all the beautiful colorsyou see the creaminess of the cheese yousee the little pops of the red onion youhave that green cilantro the yellowpineapple it is like a it matches myoutfit that is how many colors it has soand it has the look at that the littlered from the barbecue sauce do you likethat it’s a beautiful I should I take abite of it no I’d take a picture with itand I can bite into it plus it’s aftermy eating time but I’m gonna eat thistomorrow for lunch I mean it do you likethat is it beautiful do you want me torecap I’ll recap them and I’ll tell youwhere to find it because you can findthis online at hungry – girl calm /livewe post all of the recipes that I dohere life there’s a like about 50 ofthem up there right nowso you can check them out and watch thevideos and see the recipes and do allthat fun stuff and I think you’re gonnalike this this recipe again it’s just aflatbread filled with some chickenbreast that has been mixed with a littlebarbecue sauce is anythingbarbecue sauce cheesy mixture withpineapple cilantro red onion it’s toogood it’s so good and you will love itapplause any other questions or answersbecause I do have more trivia if youwant to stick around yesshould I ask more questions okay what ismusubi mus ub i usually there’s anotherword in front of youbut I’m not gonna give you that wordbecause that’s gonna give away theanswer do you know what musubi is somepeople are frightened by it some peopleare scared of it I’m gonna show you myairfryer do you want to see it you can’treally see it that’s okay do you knowwhat musubi is is there anyone answeringwhere what what Noah musubi musubi andby the way I only think three bad thingshappen to the Bradys were there morethan I forgot cuz I knew those samethree I felt terrible I was glad theygot rid of that Tiki thing anywaythey all looked so tan and cute you knowI’m right like that was the best episodedo you know what it is okay musubimusubi is spam sushi and it’s a Hawaiiantreat I don’t want to say it’s adelicacy but people love it it’s likeyou pan fry the spam and you put it onsome sushi rice and you could get it atlike 7-eleven get it everywhere peopleare obsessed with it they love it allright well I think that’s all I got I’mgonna go I’m gonna wrap this up get itwrap this up you guys are you’re winningthis and the spoons I’m giving awaythree three prizes tonight two sets ofspoons this artwork I’ll be back laterin the week what’s tomorrow tomorrow’sFriday I’ll be back at some point soon Idon’t know exactly when but I’ll giveyou a heads up making coffee cake in amug and also wake pizza dumplings thankyou so much for tuning in I want you tosign up for the daily emails and justyou know always do what you have to dobut I’m Lisa Lillien also known asHungry Girl till next timechew the right thing

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