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How to make BBQ chicken curry using our Smokey Joe spice pack, this is a curry you’ve not tasted before, watch to see what it’s like and if you should buy it.

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Video Transcription

hello welcome back to spice and he’s acocaine we’ve got a pack that that’s notbeen on sale for three maybe four yearsnow I don’t know someone that’s beenwaiting for this to come in it used tobe called barbecue correct and then wechanged the name because people just sawit’s gonna last some of the barbecuesauces sickly-sweet there’s always themolasses and that they put in it’s notsickly sweet there is a bit of sweetnessfrom the barbecue spice but it’s gotthat smoky flavor to ithence the name of it now it’s smoky Joeyes mold strength so good for our familyreal nice flavor this one tastes like acurry but you’ve got that backgroundbarbecue smoky flavor coming through soit does work well on Thrones chickenfish but imagine with all meats reallydefinitely want to try because it reallyis a nice flavor and it’s a differentflavor to any of our other paths it’sgonna be on sale probably tomorrow thisvideos going up on Friday and it will beon sale on Saturday it will be a shortissue we’re on it because we buy thebarbecue spice in so once it’s sold outwithout the wait to order it and get itback in again so you’re probably lookingat a couple of weeks two to three weeksand then it’s going to be out of stockfor another couple of weeks and thenwe’ll get it back in again so whenyou’ve seen this when you see it on thewebsite cannot know an order becauseyou’re love it barbecue barbecue typeflavormm-hmm keep watching because we’re goingto cook it now see[Music][Music]all rightsmokey do what do you need you need onemedium straight large finely finelychopped onion get me words out usuallywhat you normally need for the core is60 mils cooking oil one can choptomatoes one spice back what do we sayyou haven’t got a spice back you haven’tgot it could eat yellow curry 60 ml 160060 grams at their home that was wrong 60grams tomorrow puree 350 to 450 gramshave you chosen me we’ve actually gotmore 650 grams level ring lucky pack Ohso 350 to 450 or whatever you want towalk in you chosen me yes we’ve alreadysealed that knocks it saves a bit whenwe record the next bit yeah we’re noteven at him because we’ve not done thispart for 2-3 years now so we want theproper taste of it again so we know whatit tastes like again because we can’tremember some pepper to taste and I willbe out in a bit of coriander fenugreekleaf just before we serve and that’s itso[Music]next thing coriander we’re going to useat the end is the homegrown variety it’snot quite full on yet because we’ve justtrimmed it back so it thickens up butall homegrown should be good all rightWilliams sweaty cook sautewhatever you wanna do you readyinstructions an Etoile medium with youknow it while we’re done that doesn’t meat the spice back to the top and onionswell I didn’t plan she was up some waterready to add to this to make the face sohave you spice back turn the heat downPaul you do this stage because justbiting or burn this place is real wouldlike to grab the underlay okay sonothing offline so if we stare that inand it will burn you don’t stop makingyour paint so have your water ready[Music]that water keeps there in you now ifit’s two eyes because as of now youstart to get it touching the back ofyour throat and you know you doing theReaper selectively knew that straightaway when it started yet you know justgrenades going up others that’s donewhat Oh Andy quick because what can wesee again pleaselook these are the oil separating soface done next up tomato puree stayrunning 28 to 30 seconds or so just giveit a good stir you know you know some ofyou good at staring it’s a bit of waterin there nownext age due to artists which you’vepresumably already got open don’t likesome so you think tomatoes are alreadyknow what I’m going to do it’s the usualthing that are doing these cuz we date Ithink that if this is why you need a bitof water in there I’ve not actually gotit on the instructions and this mightalter it because I think you do thinkthat I’ll fill the can give it a swirlget all the dregs yeah steer all of thathere so you saw that was half a can orjust those who don’t matter if you doput a bit more in you just simmer it forlong I mean it was thick you know nowthat to me it’s still too thick by thetime it’s cooked down so we do anotheryou know you need kind of water willjust land it about right now knows whatmy ever not look then now oppositeyou’re gonna think out looks too runnywhat it soon quickens or thickens do mequickly yeah well I say quicken yeahthickens off it quickly thickens up wellthick the quickens are and then add youmeetI won’t just typically because it’scaffeine but it’s not it’s chicken hmmgot the juices in yeah so you’re lookingat the bowl so that’s their din now weneed just a bit of salt and pepper ifyou want to taste and as I said on theintro this is the mild strength good foreverybody there is a very slight kick toit you should have heard all that introshe didn’t watch it back and you get theflavors then or do it does he tell youdown for over this one and that you’vedone so now we turn the heat up till westart seeing some bubbles and I’m goingto turn it down a simmer it off an hourmaybe 45 minutes or an hour things I’vequit this because their thickens up andthen we’ll be back not quickens upthickens yeah so we’re back turn the fanoffwhat I asked me going for just over anhour left it now because we always haveit so we’ll get the tasting as a correctno that is smoky do that’s doing thelight off the light and see that so needto try it smell smoke mm-hmmpeople put off when the see is abarbecue correct we used to call itbarbecue court then we change the namebecause they were like barbecue it’s thesame the Easter the Christmas it worksthere’s a background flavor of thesmokiness from the throat and then thebarbecue spice adds a bit of sweetnessto it and it’s really nice tasting niceand mild as well mmm tis mine so youwon’t eat cheers women and what somechilies in it now well yeah as it is myold good for everyone so want to try onthat oneyou’ve seen it oh I heard it Oh SmokeyJoegive it a well buy it while it’s on salesee you later

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