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How To Make Chicken Wings Barbeque. Simple Nigeria Recipe

Call it as a Nigerian, babaQ lol

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

okay so we’re doing chicken barbecue nowsoy sauce talk about youOh barbecue a lingo barbecue barbecuechicken barbecue evil people barbecuedoes that mean EQ now – soy sauce if he[Music]then Maggie inside it knows me what isthat one actuallyokay time so it’s time you put grindtime my brain Dan exhale this is garlicgarlic sauce I just grab garlic ginger[Applause][Music]the onion powder so this is we need mixit up and then put it in ziplock baglike the enemy I managed to give me forthe chickensput all the chicken inside a this ismainly for chicken wings so anyway sothis is this I’m gonna put my chicken Ihave 20 pieces of chicken I put it inhere and then how big it’s already okayso my chicken barbecue is done I forgotto tell you guys when I put it on thetray I just put it on and then I put it300 I can put 350 and live before45-minute but I put 300 and leave it forabout 1 hour my husband actually camehome and he probably ate half of it so Iforgot to show you but this is actuallythe outcomehe looks really yummy yummy it tastes sogood yeah he tried him he told me thisis the best she can have match he lovesme so yeah so is that easy you know it’slike I see have all the ingredients youknow I like you guys know I’m I don’tknow if I told you guys yesterday whenwe did it that I marinated it you knowafter everything we’ll put in a ziplocpour all the chicken I marinated it tilltoday so before I make this everythingsoaked and really really nice I didreally good anyway I’m gonna go enjoyright now I’m making my fried rice I’mmaking ice how much I’m making a videoof this fried rice I’m gonna also alsopost-its but yeah I love you guys I’lltalk to you guys laterthis is shrimp fried rice by the way

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