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Video Transcription

welcome back well if you’re new to allIndiana just so you know I love to cookI’m a registered dietician at heart andso at least three times a week on theshow I share a recipe with you well forthe next few weeks I’m gonna be sharingthat from home because it’s kind of hardto handle all of that at 8 monthspregnant so today’s was one an honor aFather’s Day weekend and it’s a grilledbarbecue chicken pizza I made with youand for you on my back patio take a lookhey my friends welcome to anotherdelicious recipe of the day coming frommy backyard and specifically my grillbecause it’s a perfect recipe forFather’s Day weekend so it’s a grilledbarbecue pizza and I’m happy to say it’snot low-carb at all I don’t even knowthat it’s healthy but it’s delicious andif my dad loves it who’s hard to pleasewhen it comes to eating I hope yoursdoes too so come on over here because Ihave one that has been cooking for usand I better pull it off the grill nowbecause the cheese has gotten you agooey and looks super delicious don’t beafraid some of that might drip down intothe grill that’s okaylook at that cheesy string just pullthat right up let me try to get it onthis little flat board that I have okaycome over here and I’m going to show youexactly how to make it so the easiestway to make a pizza on the grill is touse one of these naan breads naan iskind of like a traditional Indianflatbread and it works perfect too forgrilling purposes so here’s what youwant to do take out a piece of yourstone fire naan and it’s got a deliciouschewy texture I think you’ll reallyenjoy it if you haven’t used it alreadylots of uses for this kind of bread butthis is one of my favorites so thenbrush it with just a little olive oil orwhatever oil you happen to have aroundand then you’re gonna take this andyou’re gonna place it over here right onthe grill just like that okay now I’vegot one that’s already been going soit’s gonna get some good crunchy grillmarks on it and that’s exactly what youwant at this point you take dad’sfavorite barbecue sauce or your favoritebarbecue sauce kind of drizzle it allover that pizza and when it comes togrilling your pizza low-and-slow kind ofwins the game so you want the grill atI’d say medium low ordepending on how hot your girl gets thismy friend is real mozzarella cheese andit is what has that ooey gooey qualitythat you saw earlier that’s what youwant to use for pizza for a Father’s Dayweekend I’m gonna top that off with somechicken that I’ve already had shreddedif you’re making this in a pinch let mejust suggest that you might pick up arotisserie chicken from the store tomake it easy on you okay now come backover here and I’m gonna show you whatwe’re gonna top it with so I’ve got onedone for us here’s the pizza that wejust pulled off the grill you see righthere so delicious toppings that go withbarbecue chicken pizza a red onion greenonion you see in a theme and then I loveto use some fresh basil that I justpulled off the basil plant that we havein our garden just roll this up and thentake some scissors this is kind of aquick way of doing a Shifa nod out atthe grill cut it right on that pizza andthen maybe another drizzle of barbecuesauce we’ll do that on both of themthere we gooh that looks like a pizza dad’s gonnalove hey before you leave me I thinkI’ve got just a couple more seconds I’mgonna show you one of my favoritehomemade barbecue sauces it’s fouringredients it’s super easy you can doit right on the grill too you’re gonnatake your favorite ketchup whatever itbe and I’ll have the exact measurementsfor you it’s just four ingredients alittle bit of soy sauce or tamari alittle bit of apple cider vinegar thisis kind of a secret recipe that Idiscovered long ago and then some brownsugar again nothing healthy about thisstuff but that’s what barbecue sauce isit’s sweet it’s got a little Tang alittle kick you could put some Cayennein there if you like it hot I know thislooks funky trust me it is an amazingbarbecue sauce you let that simmer forat least ten or fifteen minutes and itis absolutely delicious so put the grilldown as you let that cheese you’reletting that cheese melt and then injust about five to ten minutes you’regonna have a delicious looking barbecuegrilled chicken pizza for daythanks so much for joining me howpainful it is to sit there and watch youcook that and like sit here like rightafter I finished that I ate a whole andbefore I go I just was slicing up thatmozzarella I was like oh my god you guystomato fresh mozzarella get it freshmozzarella makes your difference onthose pizzas it is so good it getscrispy crunchy there’s something aboutthe grill yeah and it’s gonna be perfectgrilling while weather like Ashley saidtonight which is good possibly someshowers popping up

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