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How to make grilled chicken

The best and only way to make grilled chicken, inspired by the one and only, Sam the cooking guy.

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Video Transcription

today we’re gonna be making some simplegrilled chicken first you’re just gonnatake your piece of chickenopen up your ziploc bag because once yousee this piece of chicken right here seeone side is pretty thick and the otherside is more thin so what we want to doplace it it to the back get some oliveoil splash it one side lining out againand cover that other side the reason forthe oil is so that when we smash itwhich we will do in a second it doesn’tfall apart it sticks together using thewater so we’re gonna want to take allthe air out of the back zip it all upnow next step we’re going to takesomething that uh that we could smashthis chicken with I just chose thisbutter plate I think that’s what it isso you want to do take it even it outwhat we’re doing with this we’re makingit so that when we cook it both sidesare evenly cooked we’re gonna want toreally flatten it out so that we have afaster cook time as well first we’regonna take some just some sea saltyou know let’s have our seesaw we’rejust gonna evenly distribute it amongstthe chicken then we’re gonna take someblack pepper do the same all you needsalt and pepper we’re going to do thisto both sides here so just flip it oversea salt distribute pepper and now we’regonna let it sit for about 10 minutesnow that we have our chicken set asidefor later and for like ten more minuteswe’re gonna make our sauce so we’regonna cook this chicken with so for thissauce we’re going to use some bananapeppers just into our handy-dandybullet blender then we’re gonna add justa plain nonfat Greek yogurt see I’mkeeping you guys healthy matter of factokay pop that all in there once that’saccomplished you’re gonna squeeze in onelime lime juice essential for theblending process it’ll act as our liquidbase make it easier to blendthat’s some tough lines here you knowafter that we’re gonna take somecoriander seasoning since we did nothave cilantro at the moment so we’rejust gonna do cupcakes put up in thecore in it then we’re gonna get here’sthe fun part right here so you see ourgarlic cloves see how the paper snow onthem take our handy dandy knife righthere just press down get all that paperoff and just put in a four garlic clovesnice and easyyeah watches three around ready theyreally work and you sure you get allthat paper off just put that garlic onthe insidefunny making these uh grilled chickenwith the brother yeah all right just getour last garlic in there then we’regoing to get some lettuce just about ahalf a cup or so just mix it alltogether look how nice that works okaynice that looksget our sharp blender screw it on watchthe magiclook we even guy that started that’s outthere it’s gonna shake that up a littlebit look at that nice vibrant color wegot going on hereand once we blend that up for about 30seconds or so she’s gonna take this offand make sure everything’s blended up wetaste wow that’s impressive sauce rightthere I’ll tell you so of course wechose the most windy day of the year tofilm our cooking outside so we have ourlovely chicken breasts and we have oursalt for later and we have our brushesthat we’re gonna brush our seasoningonto the chicken as we cook we don’thave any chicken sticking to our girlprevious meals made all right once wehave our grill all cleaned upeverything’s ready to go so we have ourchicken here this side obviously looksthe best on this side we have a littlebit more uneven greasy fat chicken so wehave our presentation side right here sothis is a side that we’re gonna want tocook first so what I’m gonna do herejust take it with my spatula just grillit on theremake it nice make sure it doesn’t stickand we let it sit for about a minute anda half before we’re gonna make a45-degree turn so after about a minuteand a half we’re gonna make a 45-degreeturn with our chicken simply just adjustit a little bit like that so after abouta minute and a half after that 45-degreeturn we’re gonna want to flip itget that nice grill oh look at thosenice grill marks that’s what you’regonna want to see we’re gonna leave thison for another minute a half before yougive it another 45 degrees take another45 degree turn close up another minuteall right now that we have about threeminutes on each side we’re just gonnaflip it over again and just look at thatbeautiful just give it an extra twominutes each side just to make sure it’sall cooked we do two minutes on thatfront side again I’m gonna do anothertwo on this side additional two minuteson each side we’re gonna want to justtake you here and just cut right intothe middle make sure it’s cooked allright once our chicken is just aboutfinishedhere’s a fun step we’re gonna take ourlovely sauce and just slather it allover our nice grilled chicken so that wecould flip it and get that flavor allthroughout our grilled chicken all rightonce we have that on for about 30seconds we’re gonna flip it over makesure it cooks all that sauce on theretake your sauce again same same thingother side all over make sure you getall the air pockets make sure you getevery angle because you’re gonna wantevery bite to be just as good and itwill be all your idea take your grilledchicken and we plate once we have ourchicken donealways we gotta tastebest girl chicken ever

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