BBQ Chicken Recipes

How To Make Grilled Chicken With Tomatoes And Capers

This super easy dish takes about 20 minutes to make and it’s yummy. Try it out.

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-3-4 chicken breasts
-Plum tomatoes
-1 onion
-Olive oil
-Red wine vinegar
-Dry basil
-Salt & Pepper

1. Pound the chicken breast and season with salt and pepper o both sides
2. Gently drop the chicken breast into a cast iron pan with olive oil
3. Cook the chicken for 3 minutes on each side
4. Once done, turn off stove and transfer chicken to a plate
5. Cut onion into small pieces ad add to same pan. Cook on medium heat
6. Keep mixing and cook for 3 minutes or so
7. Add 2 tablespoons of minced garlic
8. Mix well and cook for a minute
9. Cut some tomatoes in half and add to pan, be generous
10. Keep cooking until tomatoes are soft
11. Add 3 tablespoons of capers and mix well
12. Keep cooking for a minute
13. Add 2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar
14. Add 1 tablespoon of honey
15. Mix well and cook for another minute
16. Gently drop the chicken breasts into the pan
17. Let it boil on more time
18. Add 1 tablespoon of dry basil leaves
19. Turn off the stove
20. Enjoy

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