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How to make Mojo Marinade grilled Chicken part 1 of 4

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Video Transcription

okay my friends so here’s I promise thisis the video where are we gonna learnhow to mine a chicken so I know Ipromised your heartI was gonna show you how to do it thesechicken I’m marinated before I guess isjust a sip look back these are my piecesof chicken their tiles would you do isyou take a sip look back and you do somemarinade what’s tomorrow night it’s alittle bad you give your chairso these are the magnets that I normallyuse and again there’s so many in themarket use the flavor that you want atthe beginning when I started I usepre-made marinades just cuz it’s easierso this one is a regular van garlic thisone is going in which is more mohawkreally and this one is but yeah which isalso Mohawk ryojun just a differentbrand so again they are like in thesection of the grocery store what theyeat dressings are or you can make yourown um and that’s something that Ithought it was explained in anothervideo this is just technically how tomarinate chicken in gorilla that’s allso get the one that you likeI’m marinate normally has soft andsomething citrusy such as lemon this onehas some bitter orange and the reasonwhy it does is because the purpose ofmarinating chicken is to break theprotein in the chicken a little bit thatway it gets really tender and absorbsmost of the humidity doesn’t lose thatgive you just cooked chicken and likefrom fresh without marinated some timeit comes really hard so so you putenough to pluck back you bait it back ina little bag and you put in therefrigerator or at least half an hourbefore you grill all your dude yourrecipe now one thing about this it canbe frozen with the bat and the cichlidback but if you are going to thisgeneral I think you’re gonna thaw thatchickenplease start a chicken on therefrigerator side of the of yourrefrigerator and if it in the fridgeside never ever touch you can fromtemperature because some one otherconcerns so you want to make sure thatthat you’re gonna say another thing thatyou may want to invest honest I meatthermometer I have to this is like thatyou can get this with this once atWalmart this one I got an Amazon I waslike I think I was like nine dollarsbecause you want to make sure that shecan just cook through especially thatyou’re gonna has bornso if you see juices it’s not that youhave to make sure it’s at 165 Fahrenheitso here is my oven its name is dynamicsnew wave this is a very very versatileappliance it’s just like a littlecountertop oven we have this one for along time I’m gonna pass here a littlebit to get this poor bracket so I canopen the oven be right back

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