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How To Make Mumbo Sauce Baked Chicken Wings

Who knew mumbo sauce cooked into some wings would be the greatest thing since sliced bread ! 😩 so good! Sauce is sweet tangy savory spicy and delicious! Please share and give this recipe a try 💕

Mumbo sauce
1/2 cup ketchup
1/2 cup vinegar
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup pineapple juice
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup hot sauce
1 tbsp scotch bonnet hot sauce
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp smoked paprika

Chicken wings ingredients
14 whole wings
2 tbsp Adobo
1 sazon packet
2 tbsp dried thyme
Salt and pepper to taste
All the above is to taste

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Video Transcription

[Music]all right so first I’m gonna season upthe chicken I’m going to use salt pepperadobo and thyme seasoning as well as asunstone packet for color and flavor sothese are my wings this is about 4pounds of wings it was about 14 wholewings I’m just gonna season it upliberally you already know colorful wejust pour until our brains say stop butyou don’t want to overdo it at the sametime you don’t want them to come out toosalty or over-seasoned you know becauseyou know sometimes we won’t believe thatyou know that can happen you can overseason your chicken so at the phonepepper you want to mix this up and getit nice and marinated just like this andyou know this is just an easy simplerecipe you don’t even need sauce afterthis actually that adobo and comes onbut it’s really good so this is what itlooks like I almost forgot to add someoil side in at it maybe a tablespoon anda half of oil it is going into the ovenand it’s gonna help it to crisp up Idecided I want to fold my wings backwhen I made this recipe so I folded mywings back just like this and I’m gonnabake them up in a 425 degree oven forone hour and then we’re going to startbasting it with the sauce speaking ofthe sauce these are the ingredientsyou’re gonna need remember allingredient measurements will be in mydescription box I got two types of hotpepper salt smoked paprika vinegar sugarketchup pineapple juice honey the listgoes on but this is my own little Iadded extra things to it because once Igot the gist of what mumbo sauceactually is then I was like okay I couldput a little bit here a little bit thereI push it a little bit and that’s prettymuch what I did so you want to put allof your ingredients into the pot as yousee me doing hereand we’re gonna put it on the stove andlet it simmer for about 10 minutes andallow it to cool down so the thickenedeven more when you start your sauce itshould not belumpy and sick this is not what you’regoing for at least not to my you knowthat’s not what I prefer so this is whatit looks like after simmer in about10-15 minutes and I’m gonna allow it tosit for a while and that’s how you knowit’s done when it coat the back of thespoon this is what my chicken lookedlike after an hour on 425 I’m convincedI have a weak oven because I’m 425 thewings should be way darker than this butthey were cooked all the way through andnice and golden I just wanted them alittle more darker but I wanted I didn’twant to overcook them so you want to putyour sauce over the wings look at thislook I can’t and you see this is why Ididn’t want to steak saucebecause I don’t like blobs of sauce onchicken it just doesn’t look right to meafter the sauce that I got put thechicken back in the oven for another 15minutes this sauce has been sitting hereand you see how thick it got it gotthicker and this is just perfect fordipping or glazing or if you just wantto pour it over something so these aremy wings after 15 more minutes in theoven they look great I’m going to basethem with the sauce in a pan and that’spretty much it it’s done I hope you guysenjoyed this recipe it was so easy tomake it is quite a few ingredients butit’s worth it the sauce is superdelicious literally I love this sauce soI hope you guys give it a trytag me and let me know what you thinkyou can make the recipe and I’ll catchyou on my next one bye you guys[Music][Music]you

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  1. Notification gang❣️ That intro 😋, have chicken wings…hope I have everything for the sauce so I don’t have to go out.

  2. Is the Sazon optional? I’ve never cooked with it before but I’m seeing it in quite a few recipes. Nonetheless, the wings look delicious like all of your other recipes❤️

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