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How To Make Persian Saffron Chicken Wings


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How To Make Persian Saffron Chicken Wings

1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 tsp ground turmeric
1/4 cup lemon juice (persian lemon juice for best results)
1 tbsp saffron water
2 crushed garlic cloves
2 tbsp greek yoghurt
500g chicken wing pieces

For Baste:
1 tbsp saffron water
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp melted butter

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Video Transcription

everybody turn Henry tattoos I show youhow to make Persian saffron chickenwings let’s get straight into it alrightguys so we’re gonna make our marinadefirst so just into a bowl we’re gonnastop adding in one a spoon of salt halfa teaspoon of black pepper one teaspoonof turmeric next we’ll add about aquarter cup of lemon juice 1 tablespoonof saffron water two crushed garliccloves and finally about two tablespoonsof Greek yogurt what we’ll do next isjust using a whiskwe’re just gonna mix this all up and getit well combinedjust like so now to this I’m gonna havefarmer grams of chicken wings just giveit a good mix so we want to make sure toget them well coated just like so allwe’re gonna do now is cover this withsome cling wrap we’re gonna push it downto lock all that flavor in now we wantto leave this into the fridge for atleast four hours preferably overnightfor best results and then we’ll comeback to cook it all right so I’m gonnacook these on my open fire grill so todo that I’m just gonna thread them on mylong metal skewers life so now if youdon’t have this option available you canbarbecue these you can grill them youcan pan fry them you can even oven bakethemso before we skewer will give them aquick mix again to make sure they’re allworld covered still all we’re gonna dois just thread our skewers through thecenter like that and you want to leave alittle bit of a gap between em justensure even cookingso just like so I’m just gonna put fallon each screw up we don’t want tooverpower alright that’s looking goodso let’s move over to our drill nowalright that’s a pretty straightforwardwe’ll just go ahead and place somestraight on that grill I’m just on amedium to high heat now after about 30seconds we’ll flip our skillsafter another 30 seconds or flipperskewers again and all we’re pretty muchdoing is turning the skewers every 30seconds until they’re cooked all the waythrough now on a grill heat this shouldtake only around seven to nine minutesall right they’ll sign up the 8 minutemark now so we’ll just have a littlefuel and it’s nice and firm thatindicators cook all the way through andyou always want to check with the B aspart of chicken that’s looking prettygood so that’s just in the top here I’vegot one tablespoon of saffron water withone tablespoon of lemon juice and onetablespoon of butter all we’re gonna dois brush this on a wing celland we’ll flip them I call it office lottoolet’s go ahead and serve it now so allgonna do is push down on top of ourskewer and push them all the way up andthe same with this skill to just releaseit from the top and push them straightup and there we have it guys I’ll justserve it up with some Persian MuslimAesir on the side so easy as that it’s avery nice appetizer on its own but youcan of course have a weak bread saladand obviously rice I hope you like thatguys please like share and subscribe youcan follow me on facebook snapchat andinstagram if you go any comments orsuggestions just leave them at thebottom and I’ll see you all next time

18 Replies to “How To Make Persian Saffron Chicken Wings

  1. Those look awesome! I’ve never had wings w saffron before… But I will be now! Very interesting stuff Bro… Nice!! 👍👍

  2. What a beautiful presentation these afford. Love how you remind us to release the top of the skewer so that we appear to be experienced! Thank you, Henry!

  3. Im an English Chef and can i just say how well done your videos are. I only came across your channel a couple of weeks ago. Been watching since. And all your dishes do what i love best about cooking. They are SIMPLE. People dont understand how good food can be so simple to make. And you make all these dishes out to be something everyone can do – and thats a talent. So well done to you. Much love from a fellow foodie.

  4. awesome video as usual. please give info on baking the wings, at what temperature? and how long? thank you very much

  5. I tried this 35yrs ago in London and it was amazing, thanks for sharing your recipe, i’m definitely going to cook this

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