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You came here to learn how to smoke BBQ chicken on a Weber Kettle grill, didn’t you? Well, let’s get right to it! Video producer Paris will be your guide through this classic recipe that’s easy enough for novice smokers to pull off. @Weber Grills charcoal cooking is fulfilling enough as it is, but a homemade BBQ dry rub like the kind Paris concocts is a great way to add a personalized touch to any smoked barbecue chicken recipe. After demonstrating that part of the procedure, she gets into the details of properly cutting the BBQ chicken so it can cook as evenly as possible in the Weber Kettle charcoal grill. From there, it’s all about using her @BBQ Dragon heat deflector for indirect smoking for about 3 hours. That’s all you need for a tender and juicy smoked chicken, which can stand as its own dish or — as Paris suggests — be shredded for a chicken spaghetti or a sandwich melt with your favorite cheeses. When isn’t she dreaming up new recipes?

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Paris joined BBQGuys as a video producer in 2013, elevating the quality of our videos to new heights with each passing year. Now she’s taking a turn in front of the camera! As an avid outdoorswoman who loves grilling as much as hunting and fishing, it was only a matter of time before Paris started dreaming up recipes of her own.

Featuring: Paris Frederick
Filmed/Produced by: Paris Frederick

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Video Transcription

Hey guys, welcome back.Today we’re making a barbecue smoked chicken,
on the Weber Kettle.Let’s do this!Alright so this is what you’ll want to have
on hand for the dry rub.I like mine on the spicy side, with a touch
of sweetness from the brown sugar.This mix will also be low enough on salt so
you can apply it liberally without worryingabout over salting the chicken.The Chili powder and paprika will give it
some nice color as well.Once I have the dry rub mixed, I like to add
a handful to a mixture of melted butter andolive oil.This will form a seasoning paste that will
help keep the chicken juicy while it roasts.Today I’m smoking a 5 and a half pound chicken.After drying it off a bit, I’ll remove the
backbone.This will let it lie flat on the grill, which
will speed up the cook, and allow it to cookmore evenly.You can also make a small cut right here to
help it lay as flat as possible.Now coat the chicken well with the seasoned
butter paste.Always make sure to get up under the skin
where you can, that way the meat can soakup plenty of flavor.I’ll sprinkle on a bit more rub to any areas
that may need it, and this chicken is readyfor the grill!Now for the coals, I only want to light about
a quarter of a chimney full of charcoal.Since I’m using the BBQ Dragon heat deflector,
I’ll spread a bed of unlit coals acrossthe whole grill, that way I won’t have to
refuel.For the smoking wood, I’m going with apple.About 4 chunks should for this smoke will
do just fine.If you don’t have a heat deflector, you’ll
want to bank the coals to the side of thegrill that you won’t have the chicken on.Since this is the 22 inch Original Weber kettle,
the grids that come standard are not hinged.I would recommend upgrading to grids like
these if you plan on smoking a good bit.Now for the lid, just make sure the top vent
is over the side you’ll be cooking the chicken.This will force the smoke and heat to draft
past it on the way out.For temp control, I made a few marks on the
kettle, so it’s easy to see where the ventsare at.For smoking temps, I’ll keep the bottom
set to a quarter open, and the top vent setto half way open.I’m shooting for an ambient temp between
250F and 275F degrees.After preheating for about 10 minutes, it’s
time to get the chicken on.I’ll be using a probe to monitor the internal
temp as well as the ambient grill temp.Just make sure to place it in the thickest
part of the breast.Now, just let the bird cruise for about an
hour before checking in.Alright, at an hour in it has some nice color
on it.I like that this deflector has a small space
around the edge for smoke to roll through.I like to baste the chicken with some melted
butter at this point in the cook, this willhelp it stay juicy.This smoked chicken serves up great by itself,
but it can also kick up any dish you makewith it.Smoked chicken spaghetti is one of my favorites,
and of course jambalaya is always a solidbet.We’re a little under halfway through the
cook, so I’ll rotate the chicken for goodmeasure.I’m Shooting for 165F, but I like to set
the alarm for 160, so that I have time tograb what I need to pull it from the grill.After smoking for about 2 hours, I like to
raise the grill temp to around 310F degrees.By this point I know it has plenty of smoke
flavor, and this will speed up the cook abit.At a little over 2 and a half hours, this
chicken is ready to come off, and it’s smellingdelicious!Now just tent it with foil and let it rest
for at least 10 minutes before slicing.For serving, I like to remove the leg quarters
and wings to make the chicken breast easierto slice.This came out super tender, I think I’ll
have to make a sandwich melt with some ofthis..some provolone and pepper jack would
be tasty on some french bread.And hey, for my Keto friends – it’s delicious
on it’s own as well!It comes out so juicy when you smoke it like
this.Definitely worth throwing together your own
rub, the brown sugar, chili powder, cayennejust all mixes together so well.Little sweet, little heat – and beats a rotisserie
chicken from the store any day.So, I hope ya’ll will give it a shot, cheers!

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  1. This looks so easy and delicious! Might do the same but basting it with some melted butter with tiny bits of bacon in it

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