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How to: Step-by-Step Baked Chicken Wings & Fries!! SUPER EASY *Must Watch* |Cooking with Kiarra✨|

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Heyyyyy guys!!! My boyfriend Kendrick is going to be joining us in today’s video 🥰❤️

Do you want to learn how to make perfect baked chicken wings paired with delicious seasoned fries on a BUDGET?? Well you clicked on the right video. ☺️👍🏽 I’m going to walk you through how to make this amazing meal! It’s super easy and beginner friendly ✅

Chicken Wings
BBQ sauce
Lemon Pepper seasoning
Seasoned Salt
Black pepper

Cajun seasoning
Cooking spray

PS. You do not have to cut your wings into drums and flats, I just prefer it that way! you can choose to leave them whole if you want!!

I got my chicken wings for an extremely low price at ALDI I always recommend going there to save $$!!

Thank You so much for watching, I hope you all enjoyed!! 🥰

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*F A Q*
How old are you??
21 🙂 (7/16/1999) #Cancergang♋️
Where do you live??
Ohio 🙂
Editing software??
Imovie 🙂
What do you film with??
Iphone 11

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