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Leo’s Amazing Kitchen – Honey BBQ Chicken Wings

Chef Leo taps into some hometown BBQ inspiration this week when he whips up Honey BBQ Chicken Wings on Leo’s Amazing Kitchen Show!

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Video Transcription

welcome my friends to another episode ofLeo’s amazing kitchen tone today we’remaking honey barbecue chicken wings thisis a super simple recipe that anyone canmake even you start by preheating youroven to 425 degrees yes we have ourchicken wings the ingredients are floursalt pepper garlic but today we’re gonnause special barbecue mix from ourfriends at the green on garlic companythey sent us a bunch of awesome spicemixes that I can’t wait to use theyactually shipped nationwide[Music] tocheck them out I have a sponsorship dealyou’re gonna stop by blending in yourspice mix in the flour and I’ve spicemix today it has garlic sugar chilipowder black pepper chili peppers spicesmoked smoked Hungarian paprika cuminonion Cecil remind me of like those barsthat have like the like the people withthe cowboy hat – buck darts that theythrow and then it reminds me of likethose 20 year old ladies just carryingthe tray and they’re like may I takeyour order pleasenext you’re gonna coat our chicken wingsand our flour[Music][Music]gotta put our chicken wings in the ovenfor 45 minutes flip them over halfwaythrough for five minutes on the clock while it is in the oven we’ll betWIPA honey barbecue sauce you need 1 cupof your favorite barbecue sauce and theporters nut mix amenable to that[Music]our wings are ready to come out of theup[Music]take your chicken out of the oven andcrank it up to 500 degrees we’re gonnatake our chicken toss it into a honeybarbecue sauce toss them arms and get anice and coated once our chicken wingsare all coated put a mess back in theoven for ten more minuteshoney barbecue wins our ideaon honey barbecue wings are ready to eatI’ll be honest I don’t love all barbecuefood even though I live in KC that’s thecapital of barbecues but I make a meanhoney barbecue chicken wing we Tammy diebut you it there you have it the worldbest honey bark two ways and thanks forwatching make sure to hit subscribe tunein next time for deals amazing kitchenshow

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