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Lollipop BBQ Chicken Recipe #shorts

Making smoked chicken lollipops at home couldn’t be easier, and today, I’m going to teach you how.

Check out the full video here:

Check out my sauce and rubs!

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Equpiment I Use

+Camera/ Lighting/ Sound+
Mic 2:
Blue Yeti Nano Mic –
Dalstrong Gladiator Series Butcher Knife “The Ravager” :
Dalstrong Shogun Series Slicer Knife:
Dalstrong Shogun Series Boning Knife:
Victorianox Paring Knife:
Cuisinart Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears:
Budget Chef’s Knife:
Budget Boning Knife:
Budget Slicing Knife:
+Grills/ Smokers +
Pit Boss Copperhead XL :
Cuisinart 22″ Flattop –
+Cutting Boards/ Blocks+
Cutting Board:
Cutting Board 2:
+Thermometers +
MEATER Thermometer –
Kitchenaid Stand Mixer:

Other Indiana Based Creators
Dude in the Garage –
Brandon Zeluff –

Original of the video here

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