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Making Chicken Wings at Home in the Air Fryer! Liquid Smoke Marinade

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How to Make Chicken Wings at Home in the Air Fryer. I use a Liquid Smoke Marinade with an Asian twist to infuse the wings with great flavor. Follow this chicken wing recipe step by step and you will enjoy delicious wings cooking at home! Air Fryer is the perfect tool for cooking chicken wings. This recipe uses Hickory and Apple Liquid Smoke. Air Fryer Chicken Wing Recipe! Dilly Dilly shirt was purchased in New Orleans!

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Video Transcription

all right guys thank y’all for joiningme here on the wrong grill let’s getright into itchicken wings Asian we gonna make like alittle asian-inspired marinade for thesechicken wings kind of like a Koreansticky wing but the starting show isgonna be the liquid smoke so instead oftalking about it let’s get right into itfirst things firstone cup of water always thought mymarinade one cup of water all rightsecond thing we’re doing a double shotwe do a hickory smoked and Applewoodsmoke and I’m not measuring but I wouldsay that’s the tablespoon of Hickory andI would say that’s a tablespoon of appleand if we need more then we’ll come backand taste now second thing soy sauce youuse any kind of soy sauce what I happento have here is ponzu it’s a citrusseasoning it’s kind of like got like alittle citrus twist to it ponzu you’llfind it in your grocery stores but it’sa form of basically soy sauce and I’mgonna go heavy on this this is kind ofsalty so but this one has like a littleIndian twist to it alright red chiliflakes that’s like a tablespoon you wantit less spicy add less you want morespicy add more and then of course garlicI’m gonna go I like a lot of that I’mgonna go two tablespoons oh Godalways use olive oil in my marinades tome it just brings all the flavorstogether and then I found this go tochain infuse seesaw it’s got likechilies and spice to it everything so wewent out a little bit of this again thesoy sauce is salty but we’re gonna hadbrown sugar as well that’s gonna kind ofcalm down a little bit that saltinessand this is 1/4 cup of brown sugar andthat’s it with a fennelreally what you were trying to do is isreally break this sugar down and breakthat that uh salt down a little bit andI always whenever I make the learning isalways gonna sit for maybe like 30minutes to an hour before I use themjust so all the flavors can get togetherand this is it when I come back I’mgonna let this sit for like 3040 minutesin the refrigerator come back we’lltaste it if it’s ready to go we’llthought of wings it in and off we goy’all stay tuned alright the marinate isgood to go salt level is good everythingis ready to rock and roll you reallytaste that Apple and hickory smokeinside everything what I have here isand this is actually my second batchupdate I did whole wings and then I’vedone I’m doing party wings so if you’regonna do frozen wings make sure you addmore salt to your marinade because yougot to remember now when those frozenwings break down they’re gonna they’regonna let loose of a lot of water andmoisture from them being frozen so it’sgonna kind of dilute your marinade so ifyou’re gonna use frozen wings just makesure that you add more salt to yourmarinade kind of make it a little saltyso it doesn’t get diluted with all thewater coming off these four elements allright let’s get right into itthen we’re going right in the bag rightin the bag now of course you can makemore you could have donetwo cups and doubled the recipe if youwant to but the video purposes we don’tlike togetherbasically just don’t get them cover themcoat it that’s the purpose of the oliveoil the Honorable is gonna help thesewings get coated with that marinade sohelp me stick into that so I’ll take theair out and these right here are the oneright through the refrigerator and I’mgonna let these sit for a few hours andyou always gonna go back maybe have anhour so I’m just tossing around so themarinade can get evenly distributed andthat’s itnext things up we’re gonna put them inthe air before I cook them up now staytuned we’ll be some goodies man allright guys I thought I was recording Iactually wasn’t but what I’ve done myready about I’ve taken a little appleand Hickory liquid smoke marinatedchicken wings and I’m starting to puthim on my racks I don’t want to crowdhim up and want to give him a littlespace to move the derrick it’s earlyaround but what I’ve done is I spread alittle Pam baking spray on my rack andI’m also gonna trace up on the wingsit just kind of gives it like makes it alittle bit of a little more crispy andI’m like he’s almost like you Frenchyand okay we’ll take a little smokedpaprika get them on the topjust add a little bit of color got a fewof them left see if I can stick some onthere and all I’m doing is taking thembending the wingtip back and puttingthem on there like thatI just don’t want to crowd it up becauseI don’t want or I make city could evillyOliveiraI got one here for our preheating 370 myhands way down these last two in that agoall right so I was trying to put them inthere I got it on 370 I’m gonna pull oneof them low and we’ll rotate these asthey start to cook we need to go closeit upsorry on 370 we’re gonna let him roll25 minutes all right so it has been 20minutes I had it on the time beforetotal 40 minutes that I said I was gonnaflip him at 20 minutes so let’s checkthem out Wow look at that look at thatlook how they Pam look how this righthere that fan baking flour spray that’skind of giving it like a little crusthelp me form a little crust look at itoh man it airfryer is the truth is Rufusso let me go ahead and get these overlet y’all up at the top right look atthat that’s the top rack 20 minutesgonna flip these over and I think Imight have to cut it down a little bitcuz they got a nice little crust oh-hoall right they’re gonna stick thesematter of fact I’m a rotate them soy’all stay tuned let me get these rotateit and we’ll be right back all rightguys I got them rotating so basicallythe ones on the top are gonna base theones on the bottom it’s kind of likeself-basting but the chicken wings youto me you got to rotate them so theseare ones that are on top now they’re onthe bottom advisory you know I mean solet’s put it back on I’m gonna let itrun for another 20 minutesand we should be good to goall right so I do believe our wings I’vedone it’s been 40 minutes take a look atthem look how pretty and brownie on that[Music]now you got to remember that brown sugarhas helped to caramelize these wings upand that soy sauce has helped to give ussome color as well look at that manbeautiful 40 minutes in the airfryer I’mglad I’m sitting here just rest out alittle bit and then of course we got ataste look at that beautiful minute cowsneed to see I turn my air fryer down to165 basically to keep the bull let’s goahead and try for a decent goodput them to get to it look at itairfryerHickoryAppleOh chicken fireyeahlook out beautiful into cities Tamara wedo I have brown sugar to it and then soysauce that nice little kick it shouldgive me you need Korean barbecue perfectyou can easily go back over these withsome hot chili sauce or just even Nickit out he knows talk about mega man withany Spanish recipe a maybe 20 thereforeI need something strong the foodgoodbyes it’s our next video[Music][Music]

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