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making maringa shake & grilled chicken !

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Video Transcription

hi guys is there a sauce cooking showand I’m gonna be making a marina shakeand ginger lemon tea I’m going to bemaking a lamb soup and grilled chickenfive strawberries frozen strawberriesfrozen Moringa if you don’t want to useorange juice you can just use freshlysliced orangeit should look like this whenever youput them all toas I am blending the drink I’m makingsure it is nice and smooth so at the endit’s not too chunky[Music]it should look like thisit’s Simba and I’m going to be doing thelamb soup so first I’m gonna wash themeat the meat looks like this now we’regonna wash itas I am gradually washing the chicken Imake sure that the blood is not thereanymoreand I make sure that is very washed andkind of like rinse it off as you can seeI am pressuring my fingers to thechicken and making it easier to to washitnow I have finished washing the meat[Music][Music]now we have olive oil and we have threeBailey’s okay so we’re also gonna addMaggie you can use this or you can usethis it doesn’t really matter so now I’mgonna put the meat pie in the oil insidethe pot should only add a little bitthen you’re going to add the meatnow you’re going to add all yourvegetablessorryand bell peppersand then you’re going to add yourcarrotsand now I’m going to cut a lemonand squeeze it with thisOhlemon juice to suitnow we’re gonna add some water so thesoup doesn’t burnnow we’re gonna add the seasoning Samakiget one spoon and put it inside soupbecoming little cube classic things nowwe have the Bartlett which is verysmushedand pepper[Music][Music][Music]now we’re gonna add the baitand the other tip of[Music]the chicken so you can use a rolling pin[Music]you’re gonna add a teaspoon so first wehave the paprika we’re gonna get onespoon don’t make it a lot because thisis very strong you’re gonna add it tothe bowlthen you’re down to Rickyou gotta add only one spoonlike I said one spoon for each seasoningI’m gonna add it to the bowl see this iswhat I’m and then we’re going to add ateaspoon of cumin so we’re gonna go forthe granulated onion help me so we’regonna add one spoon like this it lookskind of wait I’m gonna get the come onthat’s closer then I’m gonna add lemonso Ryan climbing peppery it’s also verystrong so yeah peppery then we’re goingto add salt your spoon[Music]I’m gonna pour it in and now that weadded all our means you’re now going toadd a little bit of olive oil to theseasoning bowl like that let me just adda little bit and now I’m gonna get ourthe chicken because the actor rusticpasta chicken now we’re gonna place thechicken inside the seasoning we’re gonnaPat it so we’re just gonna move itaround the seasoning we’re gonna do ittall in the chicken and make sure youwash your hands before you do this stepmight get your hands dirtythese gloves if you want don’t have tobut you can’t so you’re just gonna movethe chicken around all rightso we’re gonna add more chickensit inside a flavoring it should be verywaitit’s the chicken should have very goodand moist to it we’re just going to addit now make sure that see somethingdifferent get stuck to the bowl becauseputting my last one in I want mixing itso you keep mixing it the seasoning it’sgradually mixed around the chicken sojust keep hiding it doing whatever soit’s done make sure the seasoning isgonecuz you want the chicken to have goodseasoning and this is the grilledchicken yeah here it is it should looklike that close to that and now we’regoing to add the chicken to the pan nowwe’re going to add oil to our pan so wecan make this chickenand now we’re going to quit okay guys sonow that the oil has heated up we aregoing to place the chicken inside sofirst I’m just gonna grab it weights itit it’s going towe’re just going to have it again[Music]you can hear that muchit’s like[Music]and you’ll also need a parent orguardian if you’re making it asthis place is chickennow- wait ok guys so it’s been about fiveminutes so now I’m going to check on itit should look like a little like JulesBrown once it dried on one sidewith all of them and let it cook foranother ten minutessee you guys in another five minutesokay guys so it’s been about fiveminutes so now I’m going to check on itit should look like a little like littlebrown one fish on one sideand let it cook for another and minutessee you guys in another five minutesokay guys so we’re gonna put it on theplate nowwe’re gonna place itsojust buy it offand here we have our nice um now I’mgoing to be making my ninja lemon tea sowhat the ingredients are lemon lime andginger and you should cut them up justlike this and come and fill up the waternow let you edit your water just let itboil[Music]make sure you have parents supervisionbecause you might burn yourself makesure you keep this boil now that thewater is all boiled do you add yourlemon and all this stuff make sure youplace it carefully so you don’tthank y’all so much for watching thesauce cooking show we will like it wewould love for y’all to look likesubscribe and comment below what weshould put next and we hope that theyall enjoyed this wonderful video andwe’ll see you guys next time bye

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