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New Product Alert! | Grilled BBQ Chicken Recipe | Kreyol Spice

Welcome back to my channel
Y’all today I will be making bbq chicken on the Grilled With my new spice Kreyòl Spice. This spice is everything so make sure you purchase yourself one. 😜

You will need
¼ cup Kreyòl spice
¼ cup Brown sugar add more if you want it to be sweeter
½ cup bbq sauce
3 lb – 5 lbs chicken legs/drumsticks

1. Clean your chicken Periodt (lemon, vinegar, & salt)
2. Seasoning the chicken with Kreyòl spice and. Brown sugar
3. Marinated chicken for 2 hour if you are in rush and but it will be better 4 hours to overnight
4. I am not an expert but grilling was easier than frying it lol 😂
I have grill chicken for about 7 to 10 minutes on each side on 325°

Once it was cooked I added the bbq sauce on one side than flip and added to the other side
I add the bbq sauce twice

It’s all done !!!
Serve with cold macaroni salad and grilled corn 😋

Hmmmm this is so good!!!!

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