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New Recipe Review on Chicken Wings !!! Dark Birch Beef BBQ Wings 🔥🔥 Worth a Try !! WingNation

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Video Transcription

[Music]alright guys so we’re gonna do a recipereview here for you we’re inside thewing nation kitchen ready to get thisthing cracking make it happen you knowhow it is so here’s what we’re gonna dotoday we’re gonna do instead of a rootbeer barbecue style sauce we’re going tomake our own create our own wing nationstyle sauce barbecue sauce and wechanged up a little bit so instead ofbar instead of root beer what we’redoing today is just because of who I amwe’re gonna throw a little dark birchbeer in there instead okay so I’m gonnago over this recipe a little bit andtalk a little bit about making itputting it together we’ll get it alltogether make it happenthrow the chicken down get that rollingand then we’ll test it out we’ll give ita score see what we think of it our owncreation and have some fun[Music]we got our oven on here okay so we’rejust what we’re going to do first of allwhile we’re kind of putting the rest ofour ingredients together we’re gonna letthe oven just kind of simmer with theroot beer in there by the way not justsimmer by itself does that be a littleweird right okay so what we’re gonna dois so we’re gonna do a cup and a half aroot beer which is essentially onebottle of root beer so go ahead and putthat down boy does that smell good it’snot root beer though by the way it’sbirch beer we’re using a dark birch beerand I’m a big fan of Stuart so we’regonna go ahead and throw some Stuart’sin there if you’re Connecticut residentyou might like some Fox on Park which isalso delicious you know to be perfectlyhonest Lee I’m not sure that they makeit dark I know that they make a whitebirch beer and that’s out of this worldso go let that simmer now while we’reletting that simmer we’re gonna get therest of our ingredients together andstart kind of dropping those in the panand mixing those in with with what wegot going on all right so the firstthing that we’re gonna do we’re gonnaget some ketchup and today what we’reusing I got I got some Heinz no sugaradded ketchup well with the no sugaradded option we got to keep that thing alittle bit healthy understorms there[Music]already got a really good smell comingout of heregood golden-brown already all right soketchup sin mixed up we’re gonna goahead with our next ingredient so we’regonna do two tablespoons of light brownsugar already a lot of that’s kind ofstarting to melt together in the pot soall right next one we’re gonna throwlet’s see we’re gonna throw some honeyin here okay swing it up just a littlebit so we’re going to do two tablespoons[Music]we are eventually going to let this kindof cook down so it thickens up just alittle bit but we’ll do that in a momentand now let’s get to our Worcestershiresugar sauce so we’re going with theoriginal Lee Ann Perkins let’s drop thisdown and see what happens all right nextwe’re going to do two tablespoons ofapple cider vinegar okay let’s get tolet’s get right to it here so we’regoing to do one tablespoon of garlicpowderand then we’re going to do onetablespoon of onion powder[Music][Music]all right last but not least the juiceof two lines two lines[Music]all right so we go ahead and let thissimmer down pick it up and we’ll beright back at you[Music]hi guys is the final outcome birch beerbarbecue sauce wing nation style checkthese outthen it look good they smell really goodtoo so again I just I found this recipeonline it was really just a simple rootbeer barbecue sauce to make from scratchand the only thing I changed really wasthe fact that I used birch beer darkblue birch beer not the clear one but Iuse the dark birch beer[Music]cuz I’m a birch so that’s what I do soalright let’s try these let’s see howthey how they are got my wholeneighborhood smelling good[Music][Music]no we make too many changes to the sauceyou know we did the the the dark birchbeer ketchup the brown sugars just gotthat brown sugar taste which is really aproblem with their we add the honeyWorcestershire sauce the lime whichended up only using one lime instead oftwo there’s a little strong a littlepotent we did garlic powder onion powderand then added a little bit more ketchupat the end and probably half a couplemore of the root beer I’m sorry thebirch beer to get that flavor but manit’s good I’m Thai it’s good guy reallygood really save very sweet and reallygood actually soall rightlet me see recipe review and I thinkwith just the name itself just thatbirch beer in there it’s gonna bedelicious but um I’m gonna say this Ilike it I like the way that the birdsbear actually cut some of that barbecueflavor cuz normal typical juststraight-up barbecue sauce for me he’sactually not my favorite it’s goodnot my favorite and I like how the birchburr actually kind of cuts through thatflavor and gives it a little bit of asweetness the honey also helps with thatas well there’s no kick at all in hereso there’s no spices no nothing but theflavor overall is really good chickenscooked well that’s because I did itright but umchickens cook well the flavor isexcellent alright so here’s the deal I’mgonna give it a known I’m gonna give ita score I’m gonna say I think with therecipe reviews I might change it stuffI’m not gonna give it an overall scorewhat I’m gonna do is I’m going to giveit a star score on just the recipes soI’m gonna say out of a out of a fivestar review on these chicken wingsthat’s birch beer barbecue wings I’mgonna give it straight up for man reallygood really saw it worth the try sowe’re winding back take a little listenmaybe we can post some of the actualrecipe on this page but again we did thewe did the birch beer ketchup lightbrown sugar honey Worcestershire saucethe lime garlic powder onion powder andwe did have a little bit of the what wasit again the vinegar not too much just alittle bit just to give it a little bitof an acidity but it’s excellentso try at home listen the whole point ofthis get cooking with your familycooking with your friends and just keepdoing your thingalright guys wing nation make sure yousmash that like button share this videokeep hitting us up on Facebook weappreciate all you guys doing that makesure you guys get on Instagram as wellthat’s wing nation anyon Instagram and then also hop on theYouTube and become a subscriber ofwinged nation on YouTube alright guys weappreciate you on to the next review

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