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Hello all and welcome back to my channel. Today I wanted to share with you a quick YouTube #short documenting how to make pizza pinwheels, with a BBQ chicken and sweetcorn filling. These are super easy to make and are loved by my whole household. Perfect for lunches at home or on the go. If you enjoy todays video please give it a thumbs up and of course consider subscribing for more quick fix meal ideas coming soon.

I’m a 37 year old, mum of one called Laila, who lives in Hampshire, in the UK. My life has recently taken a major shift change. After working for 19 years in Finance, I’ve recently accepted redundancy and have decided to take a career break for a few years. My husband Chris and I feel truly blessed to be in a position where I can stay at home with Laila and enjoy these precious years. So if you’d like to follow my journey into this new chapter of my life then I’d love to have you along for the ride xx

Instagram: @thehampshiremum

Original of the video here

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