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Satay Ayam /Grilled Chicken

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Delicious chicken satay or grilled chicken marinated with spices and served with peanut sauce. Easy, authentic and the best chicken satay recipe you’ll find TD’Lavana cuisine. How, how to make chicken satay at home? You will not Regret do it at home. It’s very easy and I have an authentic and the best chicken satay recipe for you with simple easiest steps and more convenient to make them. So let’s have a look the ingredients .

satay ayam

Chicken- Chest part and cut into dice
Ginger Garlic paste – 2 tbsp
Turmeric powder – ½ tbsp.
Chili powder – ½ tbsp
Oyster sauce – 1tsbp
Soy sauce -1tbs
Lemon juice – 1tbsp
Sugar – 1tsp
Salt to taste
Spice mix -1tbsp
Mix well and make sure all the chicken has been coated well with the paste
Let marinated chicken about 4 hours, and thread the chicken onto skewers
Add skewers to grill and cook until the chicken is completely cooked and its takes about 12-15 minutes
Now you can serve with mouthwatering peanut sauce

Peanut sauce recipe:

Original of the video here

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