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Simple and delicious grilled chicken

This is the simple way I make my grilled and I do hope u have fun trying out this simple but impressive recipe of mine. Please don’t also forget to hit the like bottom and subscribe☝️☝️☝️. Thank you Ingredients👇👇👇👇 *1 Garlic * 2 Onions * 3 Pepper * 2 Ginger * 1 Maggie cube *2 Tea spoons of Curry powder * 1 Tea spoon of Badia season* 2 Tea spoon of Salt and Garlic powder.

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Video Transcription

well hello guys welcome once more thinMina’s kitchen and if this is your firsttime watching my videos please don’tforget to hit the like button andsubscribewell today I am going to show you guyshow I grill my chicken now first of alllet’s go through our ingredients we haveour washed chickenpurpose ginger onion garlic curry powderbhadiya salt and garlic powder first ofall we are going to go ahead and preheatour ovenso when this is done we’re then going togo ahead and blend our garlic gingeronions and peppers together I am alsogoing to add small amount of waterwe were then four it’s on our chickenand this is done you then go ahead andadd a Maggie killed sorry I’m also goingto add garlic powder 2 TSP of currypowderand then one teaspoon of our body ourseasoning I am also going to go aheadand add my salt I’m going to use twoteaspoon after salt now when all is doneyou want some mist gently with yourhands make sure everything is mixed verywell together well guys it looks likewe’re ready for the ovenfirst of all I’d like to use my phone tocover my grilling pan I do this to avoidany stickiness while i grill so now weput them on the panand finally we’re ready for oven guysmmmwe are halfway there now you want toafter 45 minutes remove your chicken andturn it overWow 45 minutes it’s overand now we are going to turn ourchickensand after this we’re going to put itback in the oven for another 45 minutesand then guys our chicken will be ready[Music]so 45 minutes is over and we have ourfully cooked chicken ready ready to beeaten this smells good and it’sbeautifully made so guys this is howMena grills had chicken I do hope youtry this recipe and please don’t forgetplease don’t forget to hit the likebutton and subscribe to my channel soanswer them be happy guys be happy

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