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SloRoller smoked chicken wings. BEST BBQ wings yet on the Kamado Joe? | Smoking Dad BBQ

We smoked some amazing chicken wings using the Kamado Joe SloRoller and I think we have a new BBQ chicken wing champion. I show you how I setup the Kamado Joe using the SloRoller to pull off these amazing chicken wings.

Check out the basket method I did in this video –

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Charcoal basket for Joe Jr. – (a must in my opinion)
DoJoe Pizza – (my head to head pizza champion)
JoeTisserie –
Basket tumbler for the JoeTisserie – (my favourite way to do wings)
Cast iron half moon – (amazing smash burgers)
Grill expander – (for nearly double the space)
Veggie grill basket –

*My favourite cooking tools & accessories*
Wireless MEATER+ probe – (get this version, the extra range helps in a Kamado)
Thermapen instant read thermometer –
Cheap & effective Sous Vide – (Inkbird)
Cast iron pan that fits inside the Joe Jr – (Lodge)
Dutch oven that fits inside the KJ x ring – (Lodge)
fold-able pizza peel –

*My cooking gear*
High heat gloves – (good for up to 930f)
Red Crocs –
Eddie Bauer Men’s flannel sherpa lined jacket –
Dry brine salt – (dry brine steaks, chicken etc,)
Smoked sea salt – (My go to for adding to dishes)
Favourite finishing salt – (Fleur de Sel, best finishing salt for steaks)
Duck fat spray – (a great binder)

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Video Transcription

hey I’m James she’ll smoke at thatbarbecue and today I’m responding tosome fan mail questions which is aftermy last cook on my favorite way to dochicken wings on the Joe to Sri using agrill basket you guys asked what if Idon’t happy there are those things Idon’t have a grill basket I don’t have ajewel to Sri what should I do in termsof cooking an amazing chicken wing andfear not you could turn out an amazingchicken wing I’m gonna show you howtoday we’re gonna use the slow rollerand cook hot and fast and get someamazing chicken wings so let’s fire itupall right we’ve already cleaned out ourkimono Joe from our last cook so we areready to go and so to pull off theamazing chicken wing and using the slowroller what I’ve done is I’ve gone aheadand put a little piece of hickory woodunderneath the grill basket and added mycharcoal on top of that I want to havetoo much smoke flavor smoke and chickencan quickly lead to a rubbery skin allof those problems go away though if wecook hot and fast as that will render upthat skin we’ll get some of that smokedflavor with none of the negative sideeffectsso today I’m going to use the slowroller and cooking around 400 degreesFahrenheit as I mentioned I’ve goneahead already and added that smoke woodso all we have to do now is fire up ourgrill okay guys our grill is up totemperature we’ve just crossed over 400degrees so we are ready to throw on ourwings today I’ve seasoned our pack ofwings two different ways so I got aCostco pack it’s about 2.3 kilograms Ijust pull it half and we’re gonna dolemon pepper and garlic and do those forthe kids the other half I went ahead andseewith me church holy rub I’m gonna do avideo in the future you guys have beenasking for it let me know again in thecomments if you want to see that or I’llshow you how to make some of your ownrubs but as far as a store-bought rubgoes this one’s pretty special so Idon’t give a lot of shoutouts to rubsince I like to make all my own but thisone I’ll make it an exception to therule I’ll go ahead and put a link in thedescription below we’re gonna do thesespicy buffalo style for the adults so tohelp separate everything today I’m goingto be using the Camacho Jo extendedgrill griddle seseri and so I’m going todo half up high and keep them separatefrom the other half down low normallyyou don’t need this because with theslow roller you get the entire 18 inchgrid that you have available on theKamado Jo classic and nuts enough butjust to help keep everything separateI’m gonna go ahead and divide things upso Livan bring you a little bit closerwill we throw these wings on and I’mguessing today’s cook time at 400 425 isgoing to be somewhere in the 30 to 40minutewe’ll check for an internal temperaturefor the wings that we’re going to saucearound 165 degrees toss them in somesauce and put them back on for another10 15 minutes for the sauce to tack upfor the wings with no sauce we’ll removethose around 174 to 180 degrees becausethose are just gonna be fall off thislittle tender come a little closer andI’ll show what we’re gonna do[Music]all right our wings are done and theylook amazing so what I’m going to do isI’m going to put both batches in a foilpan I’ll put the ones without sauce justback on to keep warm the wings thatwe’re gonna sauce with some buffalosauce I’m just using Frank’s buffalopre-made sauce that family loves thatone instead of need to argue with whatthe family loves and I’m just gonna tossthose in sauce and we’ll put in the backon for about another ten minutes or sojust to let that sauce tack up so let’sgo fast forward while we sauce ourbuffalo wings and we keep warm ourregular little pepper wings[Music][Music][Music][Music]all right our wings are done our sauceis set let’s go ahead and get these offI’m actually taking these over to aneighbor but I’m gonna keep a couple forourselves so we can do a taste test andfind out how we did so let me get thefoil pans off and then I’ll wrap themwe’ll do our taste test I’ll take youfast forward while we do that[Music]all right our wings have cooled off tothe point where I think we can dig inand find out how we did let me show youwhat they look like so on the left herewe have our salt-and-pepper wing and onthe right we have our Buffalo hot wingthey both look and smell awesome I hopethey taste only 10% as good as they lookand smell because they’ll still beamazinganyways let’s dig in and find out howeach one came out using the slow rolleron the comodo joke and try the lemonpepper one first which is dry it’s notnormally how I do it but I want to seewhat that tastes like oh my goodness Ihave a problem see I said the rotisseriebasket my favorite way to do wings butthen there’s this wing too soon to callit let me try the buffalo wing and seeif we maybe have a new favorite methodone second dig into this bad boy ladiesand gentlemenwe have a new champion see my wife hasbeen saying for a long time she likes asole ruler I said no I the the basket isamazing it’s incredible that smokeflavor that you get with none of therubbery texture because we are cookingso hot so fast it continues to renderthat fat absorb some of that smoke atthe same time we just get this delicatecrispy skin it’s incredible you guyshave to try this let me know in thecomments below if you are lucky enoughto have access to a Joe to Surrey withthe basket and the silver rollerlet me know what your favorite method isright now I’m calling these reigningchampion let me know if you want to seea head to head because it’s really hardto remember a couple weeks back and Ithink the only way to do it is properhead to head but right now I’m sayingthese are champion anyways until nexttime please hit that like and subscribebutton and I look forward to seeing thentake careyou

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