BBQ Chicken Recipes

Smoked BBQ chicken wings and chilly & garlic butter mushrooms

Smoked on the webber smokey mountain.

Chicken seasoned with
4 Tbls off olive oil
3 Tsp off chilli flakes
2 Tsp off Vegeta (vegetable salt)
3 Tsp off mixed herbs
5 Tbls off BBQ Sauce

Let marinade at least 1 hour.

Mushrooms Seasoned with

Each with rich of Chillie flakes Vegeta fresh smoked garlic and 10g of unsalted butter Topped with as much cheese as you can fit on top.

Smoked on the WSM (webber smokey mountain 18″) for 2 hours @ 275′ F
Mushrooms were put in the smoker on the second hour of the cook.

Original of the video here

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