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Hi and Welcome to our channel! In this video, we will show you how to make Super Bowl Smoked Chicken Wings on a Weber Grill using the Slow N Sear. If you want to see more of these videos, please comment below.

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Big Daddy’s Rub Recipe:
2/3 cup packed dark brown sugar
2/3 cup salt
2/3 cup pepper
1/3 cup paprika
1 tablespoon celery salt
1 tablespoon garlic powder
2 teaspoons ground mustard
2 1/2 teaspoons ginger powder
1/4 teaspoon chicken powder
1/2 teaspoon Ancho Chile Pepper
1/3 cup granulated sugar

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Video Transcription

all right it’s Saturday my favorite daywhat are we doing we’re doing somegrilling what are we doing today it’sgonna be chicken wings getting ready forthe Super Bowl prepping this recipe tomake sure it’s gonna be good for nextweekend we’ll probably have some peopleover we’re gonna show you how to do itand Becky’s been doing this intermittentfasting crapI have not ate in like 13 days I’ve lost14 pounds so I’m ready to eat so this isgonna be a great time today so stickwith us we’re gonna smoke them we’regonna put some rub on them they’re gonnabe good they’re injected so[Music][Music]all right what I did I took a stick ofbutter and I took if you’ve seen myprevious videos I’ve done some Italiandressing about a quarter cup sift itover in here I’m gonna save this forlater I’m gonna set this to the side andI’m taking this and injecting a wing andI’ll show you how to do one I’m notgonna bore you with all of them but justtake one here stick then you only gettwo sides so let’s go in this side godeep then pull back about a quarter-inchand you’ll feel it swell up and itdoesn’t take much for these wings andsomes gonna run out but it’s gonnapretty much stay in there go in here andyou’re gonna feel it swell up and justback out when you feel it swell up inyour hand you about got all you had onthese wings so I’ve did one more andthen we’re gonna take you to the nextstep so lengthways down far as you cango back the quarter-inchgive it a squirt turn it over down faras you can go without puncturing throughback up a quarter-inch give it a squirtyou feel it swell up I’m a load a littlemore of it and we’re gonna do all thesewings and then I’m gonna put a rub onthem I’ll show you that when we get backand it’s gonna be good up right theseare the drumettes of the wings theseover here we’re easy cuz you saw I wentin one side flipped it over to the otherbut this looks like a little chicken legand there’s a bone round here these area little tougher that I’ve found and thebest way I’ve found to do this is go geton your small side go under here and youreally got to be careful because you’regoing to puncture through and this isjust a little different texture so yougot them you got to kind of finaglethese a little bit but but just gonnakeep working them around until you feelit swell up once it swells upyou can pack all you want a neighborit’s just gonna run out so once you feelit starting to swell that’s about allyou’re gonna get so anything more it’sgonna be a waste so just a heads up allright I’m using what’s left of myinjection here and what I’m gonna do isI’m going to pour this over and you knowroll them a little bit to create abinder so there’s a lot of fat in herewith the butter and then all from theItalian dressing and I hadn’t eatenabout I don’t know thirty seven days sothey are really looking good so what I’mgoing to do is I’m going to pour thisall over here then let them roll alittle bit then what I’m gonna do is I’mgonna take some Big Daddies rub here andbeki leave you a link to that this iswhat I’ve been using on pretty much allmy chicken instead we got we got acouple of videos down the and we’ll putthis on pretty good and roll it and thenwhen I smoke it it’ll make a nice littlebark I’m not gonna cook these fast I’mgonna let them kind of smoke a long timeto get some flavor and kennen I’m notgonna say I’m old part you but I’m gonnadrown pretty good that way when I rollthem in some wing sauce and you get agood tender bite it’ll all pull off sostay tuned all right they’re loaded androll with Big Daddies rub remember thisit was left right in the middle and it’snot a whole lot but we’re just gonna rubit around and a little of this goes along way so you really don’t want tooverpower it I mean you want these stilltastes like chicken wings but this isgonna give you of a hint of Italian inthe background that somebody’s gonna sayafter they take that bite wow what wasthat and you don’t have to tell him allright I’m gonna cook at about 275 so I’mwriting out about 266 so I’ve got myslow and Shawna Applewood and I’m justgonna put these wings all along here andI’m gonna keep my temperature stable andabout 165 we’re gonnathe mastership[Music]all right what if that when you left Iwas smoking these that maybe 250 275you’d seen probably on my electronics Imight have shown too might not but onceI reached my target about 85% of mytarget temperatureI knew the meat couldn’t take any moresmoke so what I did is I opened my ventson the Weber and I let it go to about325 to 350 and it’s been another 15 20minutes but about 10 minutes before Icome out here when I know everything’sdone I put this pineapple country policeand sausage over it to let it finish offcooking and drip a little bit and when Itake these off some of these are gonnabe eating with sauce some without butthey’re gonna be good either way Ipromise you so we’ll show you thefinished product all right we just gotthese off we’ve got them on a plateI just tried one and there is no waythat I’m gonna sauce these wings after Ijust tasted one but you taste it if youlike it if you want to sauce it it’stotally up to you there’s tons of wingsauces out there but I think you’regonna be real impressed with these justoff of the grill as they are so hope youenjoyed so here we goSuper Bowl all right I hope you enjoyedthis video if you did please give us athumbs up and don’t forget to subscribehave a great day bye

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