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Tandoori Chicken Recipe || Chicken Tandoori Without Oven|| How to make tandoori chicken without Oven

Make tandoori chicken on your grill! Chicken legs marinated in lemon juice, yogurt, and aromatic spices.
You don’t need a tandoor oven to make tandoori chicken! (Thank goodness). The key to tandoori chicken is to use bone-in thighs and legs (yay! our favorite cuts) because they have enough fat to stay moist under the heat of the grill. We don’t recommend this dish with chicken breasts, they’ll dry out too easily. The pieces should be skinless.
Other ingredients are given below:
5 Quarter Legs ( Skinless)

Spice Mixture
2 TBSP Paprika Powder
½ TSP Cumin Powder
1 TSP Kashmiri Chilli Powder
½ TSP Cinnamon Powder
1 TSP Nutmeg Powder
1 TSP Black Pepper Powder
Salt: As Per Taste

Wet Mixture
2 TSP Lemon Juice
¼ Cup Plain Yogurt
1 TSP Ginger Paste
1 TSP Garlic Paste

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