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THE BEST Chicken breast topped with Bacon & cheese/ Perfect Easy Lunch or Dinner/ Juicy Chicken

This simple Chicken Breast topped With Cheese & Bacon is a real show stopper. This is a dish you can serve to kids as well as adults and it goes down well with everyone.

I mean who doesn’t like cheesy bacon over grilled Chicken Breast??

The Smoked Paprika takes the dish to another level and adds a depth in flavor.

Start off by butterflying your chicken breast, cover with plastic wrap and flatten it out to about half an inch thickness. I do this by using a rolling pin but you can use any flat heavy object like a bottle or saucepan.

Season your Chicken Breast generously with salt, pepper and Smoked Paprika.
Leave this to one side while you cook your bacon rashes.

Add both Bacon Rashes to a medium hot pan and turn every minute or so. We want to get the Bacon fat crispy so take your time and don’t rush this.

Remove your Crispy Bacon from the pan and let it sit to one side while your cook your Chicken Breast.

Add your Chicken Breast back in to the same pan as you cooked the bacon in. The Bacon fat will marry with the Smoked Paprika on the Chicken Breast and it’ll combine to create a depth in flavor which is superb.

Its small details like these that will amplify your cooking to another level.

Cook your chicken for 3 mins before turning over. Then add your bacon on top of the Chicken Breast and generously add a hand full of grated cheddar cheese and a hand full of grated Mozzarella.

Some of the cheese will fall off the Chicken onto the pan and will start to crisp up in the Bacon Fat. THIS IS OUTSTANDING FLAVOR!! THIS IS THE BEST PART!!

Take your pan and place under a hot grill for a further 2 minutes so the cheese melts and browns on top.

Serve with a fresh salad and some fries, rice or pasta.

Beautiful easy Chicken Breast topped with cheese and bacon.
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