BBQ Chicken Recipes


Hi guys! I KNOW ITS BEEN SO LONG!!! MISSED Y’ALL! I tried vlogging today but it was a total fail. Lol it happens to me all the time. I try to vlog and then I get cold feets! I guess most times, my agoraphobia shoots up the hill! Hopefully I’ll vlog sometime soon, but now I’ll keep trying! Made it up with a recipe for sour sweet chicken wings! It’s very simple. And detailed as possible.

Ps: I filmed with one hand and cooked with other. Pardon me if footage comes out shitty. I’m still trying to find a way around it. Thanks for your support ! Don’t forget to subscribe ❤️

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]so long I’m so sorry but I’ve been sobusy I supposed to be these school isreopened and the semester starts it’sjust been waitin for these to simmer alittle bit and give it to you guys butI’ve never had that opportunity herebecause I’m still trying to get your ownthings they are we doing it alone and Irun for my mom so my high school intothe wall especially on weekends becausethe car is so but you know runningerrands for an African mom it would isso funny so I can’t see you I need to gocall you my day today I’m gonna run withme to the wall see you[Music]so you guys I’m so sorry some went inprison I got to the mall and he said ohme too she said look I got cold feetand just walked about what’s what Ineeded and you about don’t worry I’llmake it up to you I’m about to make somewings of our show your recipe of how Imake my barbecue chicken wings[Music]Isis is evenly distributed and prep youroven for ten minutes and let’s get readyto bake so for your cortisols you need astick of your salted butter add someketchup and then you add your barbecuesauce in my case I’m using my PerryPerry African sauce I got it from themall and you mix them together rememberwe need that sauce we taste on our wingsso you mix mix mix mix mix and then youleave it to simmer and you get yourperfect barbecue sauce you finally takeout your wings from the oven and coldhits with the sauce you just made andthen we toss it back into the oven tocook for like ten minutes and boom yourchicken is ready

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