BBQ Pork Recipes

【生姜焼き】Ginger grilled pork

Everyone loves ginger grilled pork! It`s a typical Japanese dish, rich in flavor. Serve it with shredded cabbage, some mayonnaise and rice!
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Cook along with me, as my friend and culinary expert Miwa ~ demonstrates how to make some of Japan`s most delicious, traditional dishes!
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Go on, try for yourself! Bring a little bit of `Nippon Washoku` home to your kitchen !!!

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Check in to see how well I`m able replicate the recipe in the video you just saw, on my own !!!

INGREDIENTS : 2 servings
豚肩ロース肉 8 3/4oz (250g) 8 3/4oz (250g) pork shoulder loin
タマネギ 1個 1 onion
ショウガ 1/2oz (15g) 1/2oz (15g) ginger
リンゴ 1/8個 1/8 an apple
醤油 大さじ2 2tablespoons soy sauce
みりん 小さじ2 2teaspoons mirin
酒 大さじ1 1tablespoon sake
サラダ油 canola oil

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