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叉烧包 | DIM SUM RECIPE: STEAMED BBQ PORK BUNS (CHAR SIU BAO) | Chinese BBQ Pork Steamed Buns | 自制叉烧包

Steamed pork buns (aka char siu bao) are a classic dim sum dish, a must order item at the restaurant. Pork is roasted or barbecued, wrapped in white dough and then steamed.

Steamed pork buns are one of the “Guangdong Big Three,” along with shrimp dumplings and siu mai, a true staple of the original Cantonese dim sum tradition. If you want to be a true dim sum chef, this would be one of the dishes to master, from the sweet white dough to the savory filling.

There’s a tendency when making these buns to roll the dough too thinly. You want the dough to be tapered slightly from thick to thin, as you move away from the center of the dough circle before adding the filling. If the center of the bun is too thin, it will tear on the bottom while steaming.

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