BBQ Pork Recipes

삼겹살!/Grilled Pork Belly (Samgyeopsal)

KCCS(Korean Cultural Center Slovakia)

KCCS is a place where you can learn Korean alphabet (Hangeul), Korean language, experience various Korean culture, make Korean food, you can travel to Korea, learn Korean dance and song and you can learn Korean Calligraphy.


Tel: 0903 755 269


Instargram ID: korean center slovakia

Tiktok: @koreancenterslovakia2019

Facebook: korean cultural center slovakia

Twitter: @KCCSKoreanCult1

Tumblr: Korean cultural center slovakia

Naver Vlog: Korean Cultural Center Slovakia

Kakao story: KCCS

Google map: Korean Cultural Center Slovakia

Trip advisor:
Korean Cultural Center Slovakia

Goolge map website:

kakaotalk ID: truth0322
You can send messege with whatsapp, Skype and Band

Original of the video here

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