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친구들과 펜션 놀러가서 숯불구이 돼지고기 먹방!~(Charcoal grilled pork with friends in a pension)!! – Mukbang eating show

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친구들과 펜션 놀러가서 숯불구이 돼지고기 먹방!
#숯불구이고기 #펜션

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Video Transcription

Hello Heungsam’s families from YouTube !Welcome to this channel.I’m Heungsam.Today,I came to the pension with my friends.A friend is on his way here after work.I’m going to enjoy instant noodles with another friend before he comes.It’s a bit embarrassing to film in front of a friend.I ate instant noodles simply during the day.But in the evening, we’re going to have barbecues.Promise Rock.There’s still food left.I think my friends feel uncomfortable when I film, and it’s hard to talk,so I’ll stop filming here.I will upload the video after editing it.I’ll have fun.The video finished here~Thank you for watching.

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