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BBQ Pork crackling roast

A simple pork roast on the Weber Kettle

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Video Transcription

hi welcome to Bill’s grill today we’redoing a pork crackling race doing realsimple really easy to do there’s a fewways you can do your roast porklet’s get good crackling I like to cutsquares into my pork skin so you startoff with a real sharp knife you cutdiagonally across the court jointevenly-spaced cutsthese to us will dictate how fake you acut report when it’s finished servedjust be mindful of this[Music][Music]that’s it now we can cut in the oppositedirection to get your square shapesnot only does this help your port lookreally good it also makes it really easyto carve[Music]watch these fingersit gets a bit fiddly towards the endpoints just be patientthere we go so now on the seasoningstart off with remains some olive oil bequite literally sit there[Music]you may notice I light such as use saltand pepper on my rugs now let’s keepthings simple[Music]you can try out in our spices and herbsand flavorswell I suggest just use salt and pepperif you just starting out and then onceyou develop the cooking techniqueexperiment different flavors nice crispor joint I’m going to lay on the bed ofthe Holy Trinity some rough cut carrotscelery and onions this will help protectthe meat and keep it nice and moistself it forever seen as one side acountry that’s not a nice expensabledish in the Soviet not too much moneyseason for yourselfthere we go see two squares withdiamonds as you can cool run perfectso we want a real hot barbecue for thisstep so we’re going to have a barbecuearound about 280 friend the degrees forthe first 25 minutes this is to get yourcrackling real crooked now this isstarting to look goodnext step though the vents down thebarbecue to 180 the next hour and a halfit goes low and slow[Music]is cookedreally should have waited let arrestrapper and fall for a bit we were hungryand it was smelling good we couldn’twait any longer[Music]now we’re in a car belong the originalcar lines let me prep the meat earlier[Music]that’s good nice crispy crunchycorrectly[Music]you may notice I do like a fake coughcork[Music]it’s the news that bit of crackling youregret I take knock that offI said safes good[Music]now it’s time to serve say its own pitthe best bit you want that’s it get onthe platenow you can’t have roast about roastpotatoes these look good[Music]let’s play it up[Music]now it’s cute a vision matches happylet’s get some of the Holy Trinity onthat plate slow-roasted so can a Porterpork juice order apple cider flavorthese are goodwell that’s left is a bit of gravy youcan’t pop too much gravy get on that[Music]thank you for watching and hope youenjoyed give it a whirl

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