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BBQ Pulled Pork

This BBQ Pulled “Pork” is completely Whole-Food Plant-Based 🌿 and made with young/unripe jackfruit. In addition to the pulled pork, John will show you how to make a date paste and off course the BBQ Sauce 😋

0:56 Date Paste
5:00 BBQ Sauce
9:10 Pulled “Pork”

Pizza Party Video:

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🥄 Kitchen Tools:
🍴 One large skillet
🍴 Two medium size mixing bowls
🍴 High-speed blender
🍴 Wooden spatula
🍴 Two forks, small and large spoons
🍴 Chef knife and bread knife
🍴 Cutting board

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Video Transcription

have you ever wondered what to do withyoung unripe jackfruit well today I’mgoing to show you how to use Jack fruitsto make what I call a barbecue pulledpork at the same time I’m going to showyou how to make a date based and then ofcourse also the barbecue sauce[Music][Music]let’s start with the date based and thisis not in your recipe but it’s very easyto make and if you’ve been to my cookingclasses I always bring it pre-made andin this case I’m actually going to showyou how to make it and if you’refamiliar with my cooking everything iswhole food plant-based and SOS free it’slow very low in sodium no oils and thenalso no processed sugars that doesn’tmean that I’m not using any shooters atall and date-based is definitely my myfavorite one but sometimes depending onwhat consistency I’m looking for I alsouse maple syrup let’s get started onmaking the date base so what you need isa I always go for a whole container youcan pick these up at nature’s food benchjust before the produce aisle they’realready prepackaged and just for yourinformation if you’re not comfortablegoing to the grocery store at this pointin time you can actually go to thenature’s food page websites and at thetop there is grocery delivery a big redbutton if you click that you can selectdelivery at home or you can actually docurbside pickup and all the ingredientsI’m using today I picked up earlier thisweek so if you’re not comfortable goingto the store there’s another option toget all the ingredients if you like tomake this recipe so what you need to doby the way before you start soaking intoday’s because that’s the only thingthat you’re gonna have to do soaking itand putting it in the blender make sureyou cut all of them just to make surethere are no pits in them these arepitted but there’s always one and I’velearned it the hard waywhen I throw everything in there afterI’ve been soaking them I start blendingit and as soon as the blenders startrunning I can hear there is still patinaand at that point it’s going to bereally difficult to get that out becauseit’s probably over he broken up inseveral small little pieces so just cutthem up before you before you put themin the water and then the next thing youhave to do is just soak them forabout two hours you can soak it longeryou can soak it overnight if you want toand then because it will make themreally really soft which makes it easierof course to lengthen and then beforeyou put them into the blender you wantto make sure you take the water off anddon’t throw the soaking water awaybecause we will need this ouputsand just soaking water and then you runit and you want to eventually get thevortex going so just add a little bit asyou go up until you get to that pointyou don’t want to get it too I want toget too much liquid in thereand this is what you’re looking forlike a nice syrupy consistency and whatyou can do of course you can use whatyour needs in your recipe and then youcan freeze everything else the nicething about this is is because there areso many so many fibers and so much fiberin the dates it will never freeze solidso even if you put it in one containerif it calls for a tablespoon or have acup you can easily take it out with aspoon without defrosting it the nextitem we’re gonna have to make is goingto be the barbecue sauce and for thebarbecue sauce we’re going to use aningredient that I’ve made in a previousvideo the pizza video where I made atomato sauce so you’re going to startwith the tomato sauce and we’re going tomake that into a barbecue sauce and thenice thing is is like every time when Imake us all as if it’s tomato sauce orcheese sauce or even to date base whatyou just saw I make more than I needbecause that actually is going to saveyou time in the kitchen moving forwardswith the tomato sauce it’s really easyto freeze so if I make a batch I freezeit in containers where it’s about twocups and then when I need it for anotherpizza or in this case when I need it forthe barbecue sauce I just defrost one ortwo of those containers and use it as mybase to make the tomato sauce into abarbecue sauce we need a few ingredientswe’re gonna and just kind of like andwhen you taste the barbecue sauce it isa little bit more acidic more tangy andto get that we’re gonna add the applecider vinegarand we’re gonna add some whole-grainmustard so those two ingredients we’llget to a little bit more acidity to giveit more of a tomato flavor we’re goingto use tomato paste and then oneingredients which is going to be key toget it into a barbecue sauce is going tobe liquid smoke this is the aislealongside the produce aisle at nature’sfoot bench I think it’s on the top shelfa lot of cases liquid smoke hasartificial coloring artificial flavoringthis the only ingredient is actually theliquid smoke so it’s just water and thesmoke is kind of like confused into itdon’t use a lot of it because it willoverwhelm the flavor in this case Ithink we’re calling for half a teaspoonand then we’re going to add a few morespices some additional pepper and thensome cumin and some chilithat’s the cuminand a little bit of chilli and then youmix it all up and I always forgetsomething in this case I forgot thesweetener the date base that we justmade so instead of using the one that Ijust made let me get the one that I havein the freezer to show you how easy itis to get whatever in this case likehalf a cup out of the freezer right awayas I said it never freezes solid so youcan easily take out what you need andthen put the rest back into the freezerso this we all mix up and then we’ll useit so now we’re going to put it alltogether and there’s only a fewingredients you’re going to have theonions you’re gonna have deject fruitsand then the barbecue sauce that we justmade we’re gonna saute the onionswithout oil so make sure you’re gonnahave some veggie broth at hand so incase it goes too fast and the onionsstart to burn you can deglaze the panwith some some veggie broth or you canuse water too so let’s get startedyou want to make sure that youand let’s talk about the jet fruit for aminutes you want to make sure you haveyoung jet fruits which is unripejackfruit the ripe jackfruit is veryvery sweet and this one doesn’t have anytaste so which is great because thatmeans it can actually pick up the flavorof the barbecue sauce this one isn’t abrine so just make sure you rinse itwell and then you can use it and thenwhat you do after it starts cookingyou’re going to use two forks to kind oflike separate it and pull it apart so atthis point we can deglaze the pan justwith a little bit of veggie broth andthen we’ll add the jackfruit and somepeople they will take the pits out likethese but these are young Czech fruitsso people will become very very softwhen you started pulling it all togetherso I’ll just leave them in and afterit’s been cooking for a little while andyou can start to use two forks and pullit apartand then I don’t at the barbecue sauceuntil I have it all pulled pulled apartjust to make sure you’re not making abig mess and now you can ask thebarbecue sauce and then let it simmerfor another five to ten minutesso pick your sandwich of choice or bunof choice and then I like to use arugulaand some slices of avocadoand then the next thing is is to at thepulled pork to itand as you can tell it doesn’t even looklike jackfruit anymore and it doesn’ttaste like jackford either so I wish Icould let you taste is but let me justput it all togetherI’ll show you the final results[Music][Music]and this is what the final results lookslike

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