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Black Bridge Grilled Pork Jerky (Chinese Style)!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to our channel! Join us as we show you this Grilled Pork Jerky! It tastes so good!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys welcome to another episode ofQueen playtime channel on this episodewe’re going to show you what’s insidethis box let’s look what’s inside sothis box yes very nice okay so let’slook what’s inside this box by the waythis brand black bridge it’s famousbrand here in Taiwan it’s famous for alot of things like sauce Chinesesausages and of course pork turkey andthe fried pork fibers okay in thePhilippines we call this Maho but herethey call itgosu so I like eating this one on itsown I don’t usually put it in sandwichesor porridge but that’s what it’s forthey put this in sandwiches and porridgeand other food but for me I like eatingit as it is now let’s look at the porkjerky now this one tastes delicious Ilike eating this one and this one is[Applause]quite expensive here okay so if you arein a Chinese shop or the airport and yousee this brand you might want to trythem because they’re really goodokay so let’s taste the grill for jerkylet’s try this one open Wow you cansmell it alreadyonce you open the plastic you can smellit so sweetokay so I’m going to tell you what itwhat it looks like so it’s not stripsit’s a bit big okay so you just have tocut it soand you hear it can you hear the soundWownow let’s taste it sweet mmm and notsalty at all um okay good okay now thepork fiber maybe I will show you anothervideo for it when I open it[Music]

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