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Blue boys bbq pork chop in ribs

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Video Transcription

hey you guys this blue boys kitchen backagain with another video you guys sotoday we’re gonna be cooking smoked ribsand smoked pork chop out down the not bereal but the trunk ooh you so firstthing we have to do this wash out oursleep because we do not want littlebands to see what your meat in it solet’s get into that and don’t use thedish rag you like the halfs wash yourhands and use your handsso once you get there rich of your meatoff you gotta these are themI see the mine different you have to useyour own seasoning then I can’t tell youout what I use cuz I can’t give y’all mysecretso I guess my back okay you guys I gotthe grill heated up and I put the meaton the grill so we’re gonna smoke yourmeat to about we gonna smoke the meatfor like two to three hours we’re gonnacook the meat for two to three hours andwe’re not gonna put no special type ofcitizens on the rear we go illegalmagazines because I see some maps toperfection laugh out loud anyway so yeahwe’d be back at hand to three hours okayyou guys it’s time to take the ribs offthe grill and yes a lot about puttingour special sauce over there but I hadto because my grandma was like you haveto put your special sauce for bed I waslike okay I’ll put it on here so I putthe special sauce on it this time andI’m not even done get you guys I gottaput some I gotta actually okay I’m noteven done yet you guys we got to put wedon’t cook some sides with this so staytuned we’re gonna put some sides with abad boy look at that pretty good meatright there look at that pretty goodmeat boy we are picking it uplook at that beach boy that’s somepretty good meat they could haveas the leash you guys[Music]not cooking with you soonerI make my money that is my secretand we’ll be back now I’m done kickingeverything or dog that we do that poorchild look at that real boylook at that macaroni and cheese cheddarcheese macaroni cheese again means alittle bit of baking like thatnow remember like follow and subscribeand comment and tell me what you think

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