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Char Siu NO OVEN | Chinese BBQ Pork NO OVEN | Street Food Recipe Channel

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5 garlics (minced).
1 tsp Chinese 5-spices powder.
Some black pepper, following preferences.
1/2 cups of brown sugar or regular sugar.
1/2 cups soy sauce.
1 tbs oyster sauce.
1/2 cups of honey.
1 tbs cooking wine.
2 lbs pork belly (skinless).

Mix all ingredients for marinate sauce.
Poke around the entire surface of the pork.
Cut onto long stripe with 1 inch width.
Place the pork into marinade sauce.
Mix well and store in fridge for overnight.
Heat non-stick pan on medium.
When the pan is hot, place in some meats.
Cook for 5 min.
Flip the meat and cook again all well cooked.
Cover the pan with lid and cook again for 5 min or until well cooked.
Set the Char Siu aside for 10 min before sliced.

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