BBQ Pork Recipes

Chili Colorado Fire Grilled Pork Recipe

This Chili Colorado Fire Grilled Pork Recipe is off-the-charts with flavor! Plus, learn the secrets to delicious fire-grilled vegetables, and how to make an amazing Mexican-influenced Chimichurri sauce!

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“Chef Walter and his wife Kim own this unique small group tour company where they host groups of 6-12 guests for one-week luxury Adventures in beautiful locations throughout Europe and The States. Walter has the privilege of being the Adventure Chef, creating and preparing daily gourmet meals for their guests. They also enjoy creating in-home private dinners for clients and friends when they are back in the States. Many guests request their recipes and want to learn cooking tips.
So In this video series, from their home kitchen in the beautiful Loire Valley of France, Walter will demonstrate a wide variety of recipes, from Culinary Classics to Originals, as well as covering Professional Kitchen Techniques for the Home Chef.”
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About Chef Walter
With a strong background in the creative and visual arts, Chef Walter’s style can best be described as “gastronomic bistro”. Having completed a “Diplome de Cuisine” at the famed Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in Paris, as well as the highly rated Walnut Grove Cookery School in France’s Loire Valley, Walter relies on his French training and techniques to assure top quality, but remembers his Texas roots and always cooks from the heart! During week-long Adventures, Walter always includes a mix of the Classics and Regional recipes, as well as a healthy dose of original recipes.

“I love when a plate looks beautiful; however, I feel like a dish should be tasty AND satisfying on its own, and not dependent on several other courses to make you satisfied.”

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