BBQ Pork Recipes

Chinese BBQ Pork Recipe, Step by Step How-To

Chinese BBQ Pork is a delicious sweet meat roasted to perfection. I show you step by step instructions using your own home oven. Serve with steamed rice and veggies or use it as a filling for Bao Buns.

Ingredients can be found HERE:

A little about Me:
I’m Jennifer and I grew up loving fast food as a teenager. I almost never ate my mom’s home cooked Thai cooking. In fact, I thought it looked funny and just passed on it. When I was in college, my mom opened her dream Thai Restaurant in our small town. After my classes, I would be at the restaurant to help waitress. Not many people at the time knew what Thai food was (especially in a very small town) and it was up to me to teach them what each Thai dish was. So that meant, I had to eat my mom’s cooking… and I really could have just kicked myself. I finally realized what I had been missing for most all my life. The flavors were so vibrant and colorful to my taste buds, I really didn’t know what hit me! From that day on, I had a love affair with my mom’s Thai cooking, but was so busy with my life as I was preparing to move out to go to university and my mom busy with her restaurant, I didn’t have time to properly learn. Any Thai chef/cook will tell you, they don’t write anything down. All recipes are passed down by first hand demonstration and a learned and discerning taste bud is developed: “Add a little of this or a little of that” to make the perfect Thai dish, this is how my grandmother taught my mother.

Needless to say, my mother is the same, never writing anything down to pass down to me and committing to her memory, but having her teen-age daughter more interested in fast food taco’s and hamburgers. Now that I have a family of my own and three teenage children at home, I do these YouTube videos for them. For when I’m not near them, they have something to come back to when they need a dish for the evening’s dinner. They are unlike me and love Thai food, but they just don’t want to cook it and prefer me, Mom, to prepare it.

I FaceTime my mom a lot to get the recipes and she talks me through it. A lot of the finished Thai dishes bring back memories of how my mom made it for me- as we currently live a 7 hours drive apart- and it’s those memories that tell me, “yes, it’s perfect, it’s how I remember it to taste.” I hope to pass on the same palatable experiences to my kids through YouTube and I hope you enjoy being a part of it. Thank you for taking this YouTube journey with me wherever it might take me, my only wish is that it keeps me close to my mom and it takes me to my kids when they need me.

Thank you! ~jennifer

Original of the video here

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