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Cooking with Chef Ponzio: Pulled Pork Sliders

ULCC Executive Chef Michael Ponzio shows us how to make homemade pulled pork sliders.

Pulled Pork Sliders with Homemade BBQ Sauce and Coleslaw
BBQ Sauce
1 1./2 cup Brown Sugar
1 ½ cup Ketchup
½ cup Red Wine Vinegar
½ cup Water
2 ½ tsp Dry Mustard
2 tsp Salt
1 ½ tsp Black Pepper
2 tsp Paprika
1 Tbsp Worchershire

¼ head Napa Cabbage
½ Purple Carrot
1 Apple
2 Green Onions
2 Tbsp Sherry Vinegar
Salt to taste

For the Sauce
1. Combine all ingredients in a pot and simmer for 20 minutes
For the Coleslaw
1. Julienne the Cabbage
2. Cut the apples and carrots into matchstick pieces
3. Slice the green onions to the thickness of your liking
4. Combine in a bowl with the sherry vinegar, season with salt and allow to sit for 15 minutes

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Video Transcription

hello hi how are you okay alright yeahJefftake your coumadin okay I love yourhanging pot rackyou knew right Jeff oh they’re greatBernie – so let’s see who else we haveon hi Virginia Mike if you want to turnyour video and your microphone on thebottom left hand corner your screen hasa camera symbol and a microphone symboland click on that we shouldn’t be liveand ready to roll still – alright soit’s going like thisalright so that’s right that’s happy BBQday so we gave you guys some pulled porkwe smoked this yesterday for about 12hours in our smoker we just rubbed itwith our with our steak rub and thenjust let it go nice and slow at 250degrees for 12 hours pulled it out andwrapped it and just let it rest foranother hour and a half before wechilled it down and then pulled it soyou have some beautiful smoked pork andthe way you can tell is if you get inand look at it you see a pinkish kind ofborder around the pork that’s your smokering so that’s all the smoke that’s beengrabbed by the meat and that’s wherethat smoke flavor comes frombarbecues are real love of mine I lovebarbecue I love making barbecue sauce Ilove smoking meats I love everythingabout barbecue it’s just I don’t knowit’s just an American style of food thatthat’s fantastic so first thing we’regoing to do is make a simple of ourbarbecue sauceso now there are so many differentvariations of barbecue sauce there’sTexas barbecue Carolina barbecuethere’s thethe tex-mex style barbecue inspirationsso most of them have a tomato base andso for our tomato base we’re usingketchup which a lot of barbecue saucesuse and then for our sweetness we’reusing brown sugar today some usemolasses some use honey some use maplesyrup it kind of depends on what youwant to do for acid we’re using red winevinegar but you can use any kind ofvinegar so basically you can build thisto be the flavor as you want and thenour seasoning in here is paprika mustardpowder salt pepper and malt vinegar aswell so and then water obviously to thinit out so we can allow it to cook fortime normally barbecue sauces will cookfor you leave them on for 1-2 hourssometimes this one because the ketchupis already technically cooked it’s goingto take us maybe 20 minutes to cook thewhole thing so first thing we’re gonnado is add all those ingredients into apot and get it simmering so I’m gonnamove my camera angle so you guys can seemy pot and we can start cooking rightyou want to turn your pot on a mediumhigh heat and the reason is we want toget this up to a simmer and I normallylike to start with my water because thisway when I put the ketchup in the sugarand I don’t have to worry about itscorching at the bottom because brownsugars have the ketchups heavy so if youstart with the water it kind of dilutesas it goes inside the pot but we’regonna add all this in and bring it up toa boil and then drop it down to a simmerthe vinegar is gonna give it that tangthe paprika salt mustard powder andblack pepper and I want this whole thingto liquify and then I’m gonna cook it tothe thickness or thinness I want nowdepending on what kind of barbecue sauceyou like you can just reduce it downmore or if you want it thinner you canthin it out you can use apple juiceinstead of water you can use beer if youwant and you just let this get as thickor thin as possible competition barbecuesauces are a little bit runny ER becausethey like to take them and leave them insqueeze bottles soyou can just pour it right over the topor pour it on the side they just havethis really nice viscosity to it mostbarbecue sauces we see in stores aremuch thicker because they want to makeit easy so that they can coat over themeat and and hold on and grab so there’sjust always all those differences thisis more of the open pit kind ofvariation of barbecue sauce but it’llhave a little sweetness like sweet babyRay’s those too so I’m going to takethis and bring it up to a boil and thenwe’re I’m gonna drop it down to a simmerand just let it simmer now and you wantto make this spicy and to pull a peppersto it you want to you know jazz it upwith a different type of flavor you canadd apple sauce to it you can addanything you want to your it’s yourbarbecue sauce this is just our basicrun-of-the-mill simple sauce so for ournext step for my next trick we’re gonnaget into the slot now whenever I dothat’s there we gowhen I was getting a little blurry for asecond whenever I do barbecue sauce orbarbecue things like pulled pork I lovethem with a nice coleslaw I think thatbarbecue sauce can be a littleaggressive and heavy in flavor andtexture so I always like to putsomething wrong with itcome for this slaw we’re using napacabbage Gala apples green onions carrotswe give you these beautiful purplecarrots which if you’ve never had onepurple carrots have just all thesedifferent colors inside they taste thesame as a normal carrot but they’re justprettier for presentation malt vinegarand then probably just a touch of saltI’m assuming we’re gonna need just tobring out those flavors so what we’relooking to do is you can decide whatkind of thickness you want on yourcoleslaw do you want it chopped you knowin which case you just dice it real fineme I like julienne because it kind ofmatches nicely with the texture of allsorts I take it down just about to thecore but I don’t include this corebecause it can get a little too firm andchewy that part won’t break down fromthe acid and the vinegarso I have my cabbage the next is theApple and when I’m doing my Apple I’mnot gonna use the whole thingI can’t mean certainly I just don’t wantit to be that sweet from the Apple butI’m gonna cut slices like this mmmand then I’ll lay them flat and julienneinfer match that kind of presentationand that’s gonna kind of mix in nicelywith the cabbage before the coleslaw seeand now you have these beautiful littlematchsticks that kind of just blend inwith everything else now the carrotsthere’s a few different ways we can dothis I’m gonna grab something to showyounow when I do salads I use these a lotbecause when I start going in with apeeler and I get a little bit lower downI have these amazing colors so I want toincorporate some of those colors intothe slot so personally I’m going to usea peeler that’s gonna make them nice andthin and then I’ll stack them up andjulienne these as well so that I stillget that carrot pop I get a little bitof crunch but it’s not too hard incrunchy because I also don’t want tofeel like I’m eating little littlesticks inside my coleslaw the apples arethey’re tender you know so I add that inand then lastly the green onions I lovegreen onions so I like to do them likethis so that I get kind of maximumamount of green onion into my slawnow the other thing I could do is say Iwas doing something bigger or servingthe cole slaw on the side I could takethe green onion and slice it this wayand have a much more dramaticpresentation but I feel like for theactual slaw itself this works muchbetter and just brings in a little moreof more frequent onion pops while you’reeating so with any cole slaw now as youcan see I have the cabbage the carrotsthe apples it’s got some beautifulcolors here I’m gonna take the vinegarand add it in and I’m gonna hit thiswith a little bit of salt and I don’twant to add any sugar because my saucehas plenty of sugar already so to addsugar kind of would just over sweetenthe dish and then you lose thatsmokiness from the pork so what I wantto do is just kind of take this give itsome gentle squeezes nothing too firmbut I want to kind of break down thecabbage a touch and allow that acid andsalt to get in there and that’s gonnagive you just a really wonderful closelock because it’s gonna pull some waterout of the cabbage and out of the applesto mild out that vinegar flavor a littleso we’ll take that and set it aside andwe can go back to and we clean my boardwhen I was younger my dad used to alwaystell me a clean chef is a good shop andthen he’d leave the dishes for me whichwas a ton of fun so I’m coming back toour sauce this is the speed I’m lookingfor it to boil it that light simmer nowif I move my spatula along the base ofthe pot now this is a high heat spatulabut you’ll see it’s pulling stuff upthat means that it’s starting to stickat the bottom a little that’s okaybecause you’re dealing with a lot ofnatural sugars here and they’re gonnastart to stick and caramelize so we wantto move this sauce pretty often and youcan use a whisk you can use a high heatspatula you can use a wooden spoon butif I were to take this sauce now andpull it off you can see how it’s kind ofrunny but once this cools it’s gonna bepretty thick because of the sugars so Iwould just let this basethe flavor I want continue to cook tosee where it kind of comes out at it’sabsolutely deliciousso I can leave it like this or I can letit cook a little more in just reachingup those flavors a little I think I’mgonna let this cook just a touch more soI’m actually going to move this to themain stove to finish simmering so that Ican use this for the next step oh yeahthis is this is the little guy that theproblem is when I do it when I doanything on the main stove like thestove here it’s so powerful that itthrows off every one cooking at homebecause it’s happening twice as fast aswhat you guys can do at home butaneburner and it’s a little more like partof what you’re using right now so thatkind of obviously helps us all stay onthe same page one of those great they’reyou know they’re only like twentytwenty-five dollars they’re notexpensive you can find them on Amazonwhich is normally the best spot becauseif you go to a boutique East or you’regonna pay forty five fifty dollars forit but just these simple ones twentytwenty-five bucks they’re easy and touse and thanks what’s that it electrichey chef we have a question fromFacebook yes ma’am what seasoning wentinto the coleslaw just vinegar and saltand we’re gonna let the natural flavorsof the carrots and apples and a greenonion kind of come through so it’sbright and light because there’s a lotof seasoning in the sauce and there’s agood amount of seasoning on the pork aswellso tonight station is pulled porksliders so we gave you the beautifulbrioche buns they’re absolutelywonderful now you can just take themjust like this if you want I always liketo toast my buns a little bit fun youguys have to tell me nice buns[Laughter]so I like to toast my buns a little bitjust kind of softens them a little Idon’t want him to be mushy or anythingbut all I’m doing is just putting him ina pan sometimes I’ll add a little bit ofbutter to it depending on if the breadsa little more hard but brioche has somuch butter in it as it is as a as adoughI don’t normally add it to this okaythought I just caught my stomach on fireso I just want to warm these through alittle and the whole point again is justto soften them a little bring out someof that sweetness bring out some ofthose natural butters and now this canbe done on a grill it can be done in thepan I wouldn’t do in the microwavebecause if you if you microwave bread ifyou’ve ever microwave but it’s gonna getvery stale so just a nice dry toast willwill do exactly what you need and you’llsee with brioche it’ll start to pick upcolor without any assistance and that’sbecause there is so much butter in abrioche dough the other thing I like todo is I like to do both sides becausethe bottom can get soft and nice but thetop if you heat the top up it becomesabsolutely delicious it gets a littlebit of a char gets super soft and justreally wonderful to eat good so you’restarting to get some color there too nowfor our next trip I’m going to take thebrioche buns and put them down and thenI’m gonna realize that I didn’t grab thetongs that I instructed all of you toget so let me grab some no we should bewatching everything okayso my buns are looking gorgeous see seethat kind of charts that Steakhouse lookwe want that we want that for our bunsthey have a beautiful warm they’re warmall the way through so now I’m gonnatake the pork and I want to heat it upjust a little bit and I’m not looking tocook the pork because it’s alreadysmoked to a beautiful point where itsmoist its it’s tender its succulent so Idon’t want to dry it out but I do wantto put some heat through it and thenwhat I’m gonna do I can do one of twothings I can either enroll this in thesauce which we’re gonna do todayor I could put this heat it up right onthe bread and then just put the sauce ontop which a lot of barbecue placespeople there’s a lot of barbecue spotsthat will lightly toss the pulled porkin sauce to just kind of do the finalseasoning and then they’ll put a littlebit extra to garnish we’re gonna putenough on here to completely coat it sowe won’t need to put more on later butyou know pulled pork is just one ofthose great things where you could takeit you can use it for nachos tacos youcan use it for you know breakfast dishesand omelets and skillets and hash and ifyou have a smoker or you smoked me it’sjust wonderfulso I’m a big pulled pork fan especiallywhen it’s done right I was in Carolinasand I saw them doing whole hog smokingand it was the most incredible thingI’ve ever seenI wasI became addicted to pull cord alrightso as it’s heating through and again youcan see all these beautiful smoke ringsmarks on there we don’t want to heat ittoo much but it makes your whole housesmell like like pulled pork I’m going toadd a little bit of this barbecue saucethat we made and I’m going to turn theheat on turn the heat off is I don’twant too much reduction on the saucebecause we’re ready hooked it to whereit is so I just turn it off and givethis a stir and you can see that glazeforming on the pulled pork you shouldn’tneed any additional salt or any kind ofseasoning or acid or anything to thisbecause the sauce is reducing this thepork is seasoned and the sauce isproperly seasoned out to build burnerand say goodbye here I have our bunspork you can put as much or as little onas you want I love big giant you knowpulled pork sliders are fantastic andyou guys will see these at the club oncewe once we can actually start gettingback together again we’re gonna beworking when I rolling out a whole bunchof new smoked meats and stuff becauseyou know I love it I love it so much thecoleslaw has now kind of come togetherand it’s soft and you can see as I tossit it’s got a nice moisture content toit but it’s not super wet like a like amayonnaise-based coleslaw this is gonnaadd just a lot of freshness to the dishso I put that on top of each one and youwant to make sure because these aresmaller sandwiches that each one has alittle bit of apple little carrot alittle green onion then we top with ourother button and you have yourselfa beautiful set of pulled pork slidersah except that onethere we go look at that now are thereany questions I really it looks prettystraightforwardyeah have you ever made barbecue saucebefore it yeah now a lot of containers Imean something dried mustard yeahthere’s so many different variationshere the best one I had was actually inuh in Texas in Taylor Texas this guy puttogether a honey jalapeno barbecue saucethat was just the most amazing thingI’ve ever eaten and he served it withhis ribs and his pulled pork and I I Icould have drank the sauce and it wasn’tlike it was cool because it wasn’t spicyjalapeno it was like it had a rawjalapeno flavor to it which was reallyinteresting I do have a question yesfor pickup are they brioche they arebriocheoh darn I wouldn’t I didn’t know realizethat okay yeah they’re brioche and thenwe keep them frozen so that we can makesure you have as fresh as possiblebecause right now we’re not gettingdeliveries the same way we could in thepast so in order to do that we freezethe bread okay got itdidn’t get him for Monday hey yeahabsolutelythey’re not going anywhere we’ll makesure we have them certainly all rightwell thank you so much if there’s notany other questions you guys go aheadand be pitmasters and make your makeyour pulled pork sliders okay hey takecare have a wonderful night bye be safebye

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