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Crockpot BBQ Pulled Pork Like A Boss 4K

This episode I am going to teach you how to make BBQ Pulled Pork In the Crockpot.

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Video Transcription

hey everyone welcome to the firstepisode of hacker cooking my name isnomadic as some of you may know me onthe interwebs and today I’m going toshow you how to cook a BBQ pulled porkin the crock-pot so let’s get started[Music]alright so first thing you want to do isyou want to get your roast this is thepork butt or pork shoulder roast it’sgot the bone in it right here actuallyit’s over here butch will be able totake out so I got it out of thepackaging and dried it all off with apaper towel just to get all the juicesand stuff that it had been sitting in inthe package off of it and now what we’regoing to do is we’re going to apply adry rub to the to the outside and thenwe are going to make our barbecue sauceand we’ll get it in the crock-pot andget it going so I almost forgot tomention this is an 8 and a half poundroast I have one of the bigger crockpots and this evening 1/2 pound roastbarely fit so you probably don’t want togo to much larger than this but it willreduce quite a bit as you cook itbecause the as you render out a lot ofthe fat content so the first thingsfirst is our dry seasoning so we’regonna start with here we got half a cupof brown sugar and we got a 1/2tablespoon of smoked paprika and we have1 teaspoon of black pepper about 1teaspoon of chili powder we have 1teaspoon of ground ginger we have 1teaspoon of garlic powder all right sothere is our dry seasoning this is allmixed up alright next up what we want todo is we’re going to season this so whenI put this thing in I’m gonna want toput I’m gonna put the fat side down soour roast is all done we got our dry ruball over it it’s on all sides of it nowwhat we’re gonna do is we’re going tomake our barbecue sauce and we’re gonnause leftover from our dry rub in thatbarbecue sauce transfer this from theplate to a actual serving pyrex dishso now we’re gonna do I have a pyrexjust serving dish something that I canmake the barbecue sauce and it makes alittle bit easier to pour I’m gonna addall of our dry rub to this I’m gonna bemixing all these wet ingredientstogether so again this just makes it alot easier that’s all in there so nowwhat we’re gonna do is 1/2 a cup ofapple cider vinegar1/2 of ketchup[Music]then we’re gonna do is 1/2 a cup ofbarbecue sauce I’ve like sweet babyRay’s it’s good good stuff using therest of my bottle[Music]it’s a half a teaspoon of Worcestershiresauce[Music]we’re gonna do two tablespoons of soysauce so just some soy sauce that Ipicked up from an Asian market itdoesn’t really matter what kind it is aslong as it’s just a normal soy sauce itdoesn’t have to be dark soy sauce oranything like that do you got all thatin there now is we want to mix all thistogether so I just got a fork you gottaremember we got our seasoning down hereat the bottom so we want to just makesure we get all of that all right thereis our barbecue sauceeasy-peasy so we want to make sure wegot everything all at the bottom there’sno more clumps or anything like that inthere and then what we’re gonna do is weare going to now put the meat in thecrock pot so we’re gonna cook it on highfor one hour and then after that onehour we’re gonna switch it to low andcook it for about seven to nine hoursbefore we get it in the crock-pot thoughwhat you’re gonna want to do is pour alittle bit of barbecue sauce downon the inside of the crock-pot and thatjust kind of creates that base layerbetween the actual crock-pot and themeat and then what you’re gonna do isput the meat in fat side down and thenyou’re gonna pour this rest of ourbarbecue sauce over the entire meat sowe’ve got the inside of our card pot weare going to pour down some of ourbarbecue sauce not all of it just alittle bit and our roast in there andthen we’re gonna pour the rest of ourbarbecue sauce over the top oflike this it’s gonna kind of justmarinate in this alright so next up whatwe’re gonna do is prepare the thingsthat we’re gonna go with the porkthey’re gonna eat it almost like a soupso we’re gonna add these few things toit I got some cabbage got some cilantroand we’re actually also gonna do acouple of limes as well so first thingI’m gonna do this cabbage has some spotson it that are just from it like sittingin the bin at this store but I don’treally want so I’m just gonna pull thatstuff off this there’s tons of cabbage Ialways get way more than I need so I’mjust pulling all this off personally youcould preference that to the side justputting it on top so crazythat’s a next step what I’m gonna do islaunch real I don’t I don’t use all ofit what I kind of do here is all justcut it in and then go like this just tokind of get it off off that stem thestems aren’t gonna hurt youI personally don’t even notice them whenthey’re chopped up to you as well takethis pull it on top of itself okaybunch of pieces will still leave apretty pretty good size careful not tocut yourself because you are trying tohold it you got your fingers shining inthere in the way I’m just gonna roughlychop it alright so next up we’re gonnado is we’re gonna cut some limes I’mgonna use this cutting board to tear upthe pork so I don’t want the juice allover the place so I’m just puttinganother cutting board down on top whatyou want to do is roll roll your limes alittle bit kind of just breaks upeverything inside makes it so you canget a little bit more juice and we’regonna have these on the I’m just gonnahave these so that you can kind of grabit and you can squeeze it onto your yourpork so I’m just gonna cut these up intolittle slivers like this so we can grabthem and go alright so this is the rose[Music]hey everyone so the audio got messed upfor this last portion of the video soI’m recording it but once the pork wasfinished and it was all shredded upbasically what I did was added theshredded pork to the bowl I saved someof the juice from when the pork wascooking in the crock-pot and ladled thatover the top of the pork then we addedthe cabbage the cilantro and some of thelime that we cut up from earlier andjust mixed it up nowthis roast is massive there was fourpeople eating it and there was tons ofleftovers so get creative with theleftovers you can do barbecue pulledpork sandwiches you can do quesadillasgrilled cheese I mean nachos thepossibilities are endless so getcreative and if you’d like the contentyou like the video then please give me athumbs up if you have suggestions forlater videos then go ahead and leave acommentthis is hacker cooking and I hope to seeyou guys next time

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