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Delicious Barbeque Pork Chop

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PS. If you have time then bake it! More moist and tender if you bake it. If you choose to bake put your pork chops in a tray and add 5 oz of coconut water. Set your oven at 400° cook for 40 minutes to an hour. “Depend on the thickness of your pork chops.”


+ 4 Pounds of Pork Chops
+ 3Tablespoon of Perilla Oil
+3 Tablespoon of Condensed Milk
+ 1 Tablespoon of Annatto Oil
” It ok if you don’t have Annatto Oil”
+ 2 Teaspoon of Black Pepper
+ 2 Tablespoon of Knorr Seasoning
+ 3 Tablespoon of Lemongrass
+ 2 Tablespoon of Garlic Powder
+ 1 Teaspoon of Salt
+ 2 Tablespoon of Knorr Soy Sauce
+ 2 Tablespoon of Oyster Sauce

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello everyone today I am showing youhow to make pork chop probably kill fora Vietnamese dish that you could eatwith rice or noodle so first off youneed pork chop I got it from Costcothis is about four pounds you could turnto ride the meat by using somethingheavy I use this you could use anythingthat is like heavily then you cantenderize your meat so your meat can besofter after tenderize it I put it in alittle bucket like this for the porkchop barbecue ingredients we need 3 tbspof perilla oil 2 tbsp of condensed milk1 tablespoon of anata see you could putyou could use kind of light brown footcolor – if you don’t have the annattoseed oil then we need two tables 2 TSPof the black pepper 2 tbsp of thepreneur season 3 tbsp of lemon grass 2tbsp of the garlic powder 1 tsp of thesalt and 3 tbsp of honey and then youput everything together and then youkind of stir it up to pick – I’m gonnalook pasty like this of marinate thepork chops first you need to marinatethis with the perilla oil with condensedmilk for about 15 minuteswhat does that do this is to kind oftender your pork so it doesn’t taste drywhen you eat so after 15 minutes youstart put for your the whole thing thatyou met mix earlier to soften it earlierkeep gonna pour it in your pork chopsbucketand you just mix it up[Music]so after you mix everything I mean afteryou mayonnaise all the sauce into yourmeat you just cover it up and set itaside for about an hour and a half totwo hours after two hours of mayonnaisethe pork chop barbecue and he has ameeting pan put about a tablespoon ofoil[Music]mr. young the honeyexcuse me burn or business[Music]for a superlike your pork chop you’ll needabout a tablespoon of drinking water andthen you put the lid over and half yourheat on medium every with a minute or aminute and a half you want to flip yourcooktop a small pan heat it up and thenmove to 8[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]

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