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Easy Vegan BBQ pulled Pork aka Pulled Mushroom at home or maybe at your neighbors

Welcome to STUDENT MEALZ! How to make vegan BBQ pulled pork? Well today we’re going to tell you just that ;p

▬ Ingredients ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

– 250g of oyster mushrooms
– Olive oil
– BBQ sauce
– Pepper
– Salt

▬ Recipe ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

1. Pour some olive oil in a frying pan and let it get hot
2. When the oil is hot, add the mushrooms
3. Season with pepper and salt
4. Fry until golden brown
5. Let them cool off a bit
6. Pull the mushrooms apart into strips
7. Place the frying pan back on the fire
8. Add BBQ sauce and let it get hot and sticky
9. Add the pulled mushrooms and give them all a good coating with the sauce
10. Keep stirring while you heat up the mushrooms again and coat them with the sauce
11. And it’s done! Serve in taco’s; burgers or as a side dish!

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▬ Chapters ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

00:00:00 • Intro
00:00:34 • Ingredients
00:01:00 • Frying mushrooms
00:02:10 • Pulling apart mushrooms
00:02:50 • BBQ coating
00:04:28 • Tess test
00:05:19 • Outro

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Video Transcription

hello there guys and welcome to studentmiddles in this episode I will show youa super easy way of making mushroomsinto pulled pork or pull beef or justpulled meat like texture if you happento be a vegan or vegetarian and you wantthat feel of an pulled meat you can usethis recipe or if you have vegetarian orvegan friends coming over and you do notknow what to make you can always trythis it’s super delicious super easy andthey’re going to love itor you’re going to love it I hope thatyou enjoy this episode so what you’llneed is Royston mushrooms as many as youwantI roughly have 250 grams I had somereally big ones so I kind of tore it upin half so it’s a bit easier to fry ourtrusted bottle of olive oil somebarbecue sauce if you want to make thisdish vegan make sure to check if there’sno honey and your barbecue sauce and forthe seasoning some pepper and some saltthat’s it yes so let’s fry the mushroomstake a pan and put it on a fire add someolive oil in there it can be a quitegenerous amount because when yourmushrooms will soak it up like spongesoaks up your tears and let it get hotmake sure that your fire is on high wejust want to brown the mushrooms and frythem a little bit but don’t overcookthem once the oil is hot add in yourmushrooms & let them fry while stirringit up until they’re you start becominggolden browntry to keep your mushrooms as whole aspossible will be important in our nextstep let’s season them with some saltand a little bit of pepper as you cansee some of my smaller mushrooms arealready almost done so I’m just going totake them out and leave the bigger onesa little bit longer as you can seethey’re nice and brown and quite softalreadythere you go as you can see all of themushrooms are almost done I’vetransferred them to plate now I’m justgoing to let them cool off until they’recool enough to touchso once the mushrooms are cool to touchwhat you want to do is take your oystermushroom and as you can see it hasgrains going down to the stem so youjust want to take a bit and pull it downthrough the stem that way you get thesepulled shapes which kind of resemblespulled chicken or pork and just continuethe process for all the mushrooms youcan make these strips as thin or asthick as you want so once all of themushrooms are done you kind of notice itlooks a little bit like pulled chickenor for old pork or pulled any meat italready has that look and the taste willcome later so at this point you can doeither two things sometimes I also liketo add the shredded pieces back into thepan and fry them a little bit more sothey become a little bit more crispy oryou can also just skip that step andcontinue with normal procedure take thepan in which we fry it the mushroomsput it on a fire and add a good amountof barbecue sauce you could just prettymuch eyeball the amount of sauce becausekind of difference per person some likea lot of barbecue sauce some like just aslight coating this seems like a perfectamount for me just give it a swirl andlet it heat up put your fire on mediummedium low maybe so that your saucedoesn’t burn and just keep stirringuntil it’s nice and hot once the sauceis a little bit more hot it will becomesticky and that’s when we’re going toadd our mushrooms there you go my sauceis nice and hot now let’s add in themushrooms and give everything a realgood stir so that everything is nice andcoated just going to lower my fire lowand I’m just going to let my mushroomsheat through just a little bit make sureto keep stirring so that the barbecuesauce doesn’tmmm-hmm smells delicious already as youcan see my barbecue sauce coverseverything nicely but if you want moreyou can always take the mushrooms outand add in a little bit more of barbecuesauce and heat it up again and justbasically repeat the process turn offthe fire put it in a pot or just leaveit in the pan and it’s ready to beservedyou can pretty much use this in anythingyou like for example you can use this asa filling for tacos or for a burger orjust as a side it really depends on whatyou likehmm I just love mushrooms and this thisis this is really really happen for mebut I also love BBQ sauce so it’s likeso delicious combination it reallyresembles pulled pork or chicken orwhose beef in a kind of way like thetexture of course it’s not the same butI think it’s a really really goodsubstituteso I would definitely recommend you guystrying this if you want to make it tocompletely vegan just like Leo said justmake sure to use a barbecue saucewithout honey and then it’s a completelyvegan foods mushroom thank you guys forwatching this episodewe really hope you enjoyed it and asalways see you[Music][Music]you

8 Replies to “Easy Vegan BBQ pulled Pork aka Pulled Mushroom at home or maybe at your neighbors

  1. How is this guy still not ultra famous with all this good stuff, since the first video the brownies he had amazing editing ideas even 8 years ago damn!

  2. Do you know putting smg aginomoto(i prefer this brand because good reputation past 115 year) can make mushroom taste more like meat. And to make it better put pressure by flat heavy object for to change the mushroom texture become more like meat. Note im not vegan im omnivore i just love eating

  3. You guys are cool and all but you cant call it vegan pulled pork, just call it pulled mushrooms. Btw love your channel big fan keep up the good work

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