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ENG SUB | Mukbang: How To Cook Grilled Pork Chops 🐷 #LetsEat Korean Drama | Korean Entertainment

When #YoonJinYi (#YoonSoHee), #LeeSooKyung & #GooDaeYoung (DooJoon) are ready to grill some tasty pieces of pork meat. Lee Soo Kyung can’t help but complain about their cooking method 🐷.
As an answer, Good Dae Young, an expert on Korean food and cooking techniques, offers an explanation about the variety of pork meats out there, and how the method deeply affects its texture and taste.
You never stop learning with these scenes (eng sub) of the “Let’s Eat” Korean drama!
How do you prepare grilled pork chops? Tell us in the comments!

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Synopsis of Let’s Eat Kdrama 😊

Warning! Make sure you have something to eat while watching this k-drama.

This story unites the lives of four people who, among other things, share the love for food.

Lee Soo Kyung (Lee Soo Kyung) is in his thirties, she married young but soon divorced and works at a law firm, in his spare time she enjoys food more than anything in the world.

Kim Hak Mon (Shim Hyung Tak) is the head of Lee Soo Kyung at the law firm and believes she is selfish because she doesn’t remember him. Kim Hak Mon always tries to keep his image as a successful lawyer, although sometimes he loses his mind.

Goo Dae Young (Yoo Doo Joon) is the king of medical insurance thanks to the way he treats people, also, he is extremely talented to describe the flavors of food in his successful blog.

Yoon Jin Yi (Yoon So Hee) is a young woman from a rich family who, due to various circumstances, begins her independent life in the Goo Dae Young and Lee Soo Kyung building, and will not miss the opportunity to become friends with her new neighbors.

While strange events occur in the neighborhood, these fun characters are responsible for filling the story of romance, mystery and, above all, food.

This Kdrama was broadcasted by tvN, a South Korean entertainment channel property of CJ ENM.
Did you know?
CJ ENM is the biggest entertainment company in South Korea. Currently exporting content to different countries of Asia and America.
KDramas produced by CJ ENM hold 21 places out of 27 in the ranking for best cable television kdramas.
Enjoy more content from CJ ENM!

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