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ENG SUB | Mukbang: Korean Grilled Pork Belly 🥓 #LetsEat2 Korean Drama | Korean Entertainment

In this clip from the “Let’s Eat 2” Korean drama, #GooDaeYoung (#DooJoon) and #BaekSooJi (#SeoHyunJin) are enjoying a small outdoor camp, while they prepare some tasty grilled pork belly fillets 🥓.
Keep this scene’s (eng sub) tips in mind to make the most out of meat’s flavor! Don’t forget to mix your meal with rice and a bit of roasted fruit!
Do you have any tips on how to cook pork belly on a grill?🔥 Tell us in the comments!

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♥ Synopsis of “Let’s Eat 2” K-drama ♥

The first season of “Let’s Eat” k-drama (2013-2014), starring Lee Soo Kyung and Yoo Doo Joon, was broadcasted by tvN. “Let’s Eat 2” is an irreverent comedy, with delicious food mukbang style. Can you watch it without getting hungry?

Goo Dae Young (Doojoon) is a young insurance salesman by day, and a food-loving influencer by night. What will happen when he meets his roommates? Baek Ji Soo (Seo Hyun Jin) is an independent writer that eats only once a day, and Lee Sand Woo (Kwon Yool) is a public servant who is chased by a lot of women.

Can Goo Dae Young charm his neighbor, Lee Jum Yi (Kim Ji Young) and Kim Mi Ran (Hwang Suk Jung), the owner of the building where the young men live? Will this upset Baek Soo Ji?

Baek Soo Ji (Seo Hyun Ji) is a writer who works as a freelancer. She has known Goo Dae Young (Doojoon) since youth and is always blaming him for breaking her heart, which eventually leads her to overeat and gain weight. However, Dae Young has always been a good friend to her, working together in a plan that is destined to fail.

Thanks to his passion for the good food, they become inseparable friends who look for each other whenever they want to enjoy delicious food.

Baek Soo Ji (Seo Hyun Jin) should share her secret on how to eat so much and not gain weight!

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SPOILER ALERT! Listen to the best food discussions between Goo Dae Young (Doojoon) and Baek Soo Ji (Seo Hyun Jin) in the comedy “Let’s Eat 2”. Will something more than friendship blossom between Goo Dae Young and Baek Soo Ji? Share your opinions in the comment section and continue to enjoy the best scenes of this k-drama.

Enjoy the best scenes of the second season of Let’s Eat (2015), directed by Park Joon Hwa and written by Lim Soo Mi, a lover of Asian food.
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Did you know…”Let’s Eat” has, in the drama, your favorite K-Pop singers and celebrities from the other best rated k-dramas? What’s your favorite season and episode?

This #Kdrama was broadcasted by tvN, a South Korean entertainment channel property of CJ ENM.
Did you know?
CJ ENM is the biggest entertainment company in South Korea. Currently exporting content to different countries of Asia and America.
Kdramas produced by CJ ENM hold 21 places out of 27 in the ranking for best cable television Kdramas.
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