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Grilled Pork Intestines steak | UDOM Food

# UDOM Food #
The evening weather like this must find warmth. Kru Kong and Grandma Pun will come to make grilled baby intestines. Along with grilled moo meat with spicy sauce Excellent menu How do you do that?

The raw materials are as follows
1. Soft filling
2. Pork tenderloin
3.Rice roasted
4. Chili powder
5. Saw blade coriander
6. Coriander Root
7. Leek
8.Fish sauce
10. Lemon
11. Kaffir lime leaves
12. Lemongrass
13. Shallots
14. Light Soy Sauce
15.Black Soy Sauce
16. Green Soy Sauce
17. Oyster Sauce
18. Vegetable oil
19.Pippy sugar
20. Garlic
21. Ground coriander
23.Seasoning powder
24. Salt

Original of the video here

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