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Grilled Pork Tenderloin: The Lost Artichoke

Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Fresh Herb, Mustard and Kumquat marinade:

– 3 garlic cloves(minced)
– 2 Rosemary sprigs
– 5 to 6 Sage leaves
– 1 TBSP of dried Thyme
– 3 TBSP Dijon mustard
– Juice from 1/2 Orange
– Lemon zest from 1 lemon(can omit)
– 3-4 TBSP Kumqut marmalade or apricot jam
– 3 TBSP olive oil
– 1 tsp honey
– Salt and pepper

Combine all ingredients together and marinate pork overnight or at least 3 hours. Take out and save marinade to heat and make sauce.

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Video Transcription

hi guys so I have something special toshare with you guys tonight a porktenderloin recipe that was one of myfirst recipes that I ever made after Imoved out of the house and like had myown apartment I mean from day one I’vealways loved entertaining and havingfriends over and cooking for them andthis dish seems like it was like superdifficult and it was fancy and all myguests for WoW but it really only tooklike 20 minutes and about fiveingredients though so I’m going toswitch it up a little bit and throughthe years I have changed and substitutedthings but I think I originally I gotthis recipe from my Betty Crockercookbook which was my first cookbook outthere I’m sure a lot of you guys canrelate but so tonight what I’m doingdifferent is I’m going to add in somefresh herbs from my garden some sage therosemary and the typical recipe I thinkcalls for drivers which you guys I’msure all have in your pantry you don’thave the fresh and then the originalrecipe also calls for apricot jam whichI don’t have but we had some kumquatmarmalade which we got a while back andfor those of you guys that don’t knowwhat kumquats are I didn’t either insomething to California there’s theselittle bitty like orange bitter egorgeousoh and I don’t like them I don’t likethem not cooked there they’re too bitterfor me but when you turn them into a Marlog and you like caramelize it withsugar they’re really really good sowe’re going to use that instead of theapricots so I’m excited to kind of sharethis with you because like I said it’ssuper simple it’s all things you can getfrom your pantry and it’s specialbecause it was one of the first recipesthat I made for my friends and Iway to do that again at some point sostick around okayso I’m sitting down see you guys comesee me but I’m just gonna take a smallbowl and that’s where all my ingredientsare gonna go but we’re first gonna startwith about three cloves of garlic youcan put more if you like more but youwant them to be finely chopped and againit doesn’t I mean if you miss a fewpieces it’s fine because it’s just gonnabe in the marinade we’re gonna scrapethis off probably near the ends anywayso I got a little excited and I have alot of garlic there so I’m gonna pushthat to the side um the next ingredientsare I’m gonna take sage leaves so I’mgonna take about five mine were quitelargeyou don’t want sage is pretty strong sois rosemary so you don’t want too muchbut again just enough to kind of seepthrough the pork so we’re going tofinely chop that and just dump that intothe bowl and the same thing we’re gonnado with the rosemary so I took about oneand a half to two sprigs depending onhow big your sprigs are kind of tearthem the best way to take this off is totake it go like opposite of the waythey’re growing and just rip them offand they come off pretty nicely and thenthose top bit so you can just peel offas well and then you’re just gonnafinally kind of chop that intobite-sized pieces again if it’s like alittle rough it doesn’t matter it’s justthe marinade and most of its gonna comeoff anyway once you throw it in the ovenor grill it tomorrow okay then we’regonna take some time so I’m probablygonna take about a teaspoon I don’t wantto go crazy againdried can be pretty strong so I’m goingto measure about a teaspoon of thymeall right that side and then I’m gonnatake about under me grab my teaspoon soI’m gonna grab three tablespoons honeymustard and we can add a little more ifwe feel like it’s not gonna cover thepork so three tablespoons of that I’mgoing to take three tablespoons we’regoing to start with that of olive oilwe’re gonna mix that in here so you cansee that I’m going to take and I want toget a clean spoon about threetablespoons of this kumquat marmalade ifyou’re using apricot then you do thesame thing so any type of if you usepeaches you can use apricots I’mallergic to peaches so I stay away fromthose but for some reason apricots I’mnot and kumquats squats are part of theorange family and then I’m going to takesome of this orange zest so I have thislittle microplane it’s really easy youjust kind of take it along the orangelike that we’re just gonna do a littlebit you’ve already got a lot of theorange flavor with the kumquats and thenit’d probably get a nice tablespoonworth you don’t want to get you want tobe careful to not get too much into thewhite part because the white part isquite bitterall right then I’m going to take thisorange cut it in half and I’m just goingto squeeze even if some seeds get inthere it’s fine squeeze about half ofthat orange into the bulball right now I’m gonna take a littlebit of salt so a pinch of saltI mean be quite generous with the saltlet’s say you’re measuring probablyabout tables but teaspoon start withusing a sea salt and then about ateaspoon a black crushed pepper let’sstart with that and then let’s just giveit a a mix here and really what I’mgoing to do is I’m going to marinatethis and then tomorrow after we take itout you can actually heat it up and kindof puree this to make like a sauce thatyou can put over the pork I’m gonnataste it first I mean it needs a littlemore sweetness so I’m gonna take alittle more for the Como pot and whatyou can do if you want a little moresweetnessit’s add is the cuts our little chunkythese are the apricot is usually alittle a little creamier so I’m gonnagrab some some honey and I’m not gonnameasure I’m just gonna throw in I like alittle bit probably about a teaspoonmaybe I can’t again depending on thetype of jam that you’re usingyou probably don’t need to do that butanything that you add any sweetness thatthe pork has on it will kind ofcaramelize and make like a nice crust onthe grill or in the oven so it’s nice tohave that sweetnessthe musty so there you go so we’re justgoing to take that and we’re going toput it in a in a baggie with the porkgoing on put it in the refrigerator andmarinate overnight and then tomorrowwe’ll we’ll take that out and throw iton the grill marinated pork wasmarinating overnight so a good 24 hoursplus all day it’s about six o’clocktonight so it really should be nice andtender it’s soaked up all the flavorsfrom the herbs the sweetness from thekumquat marmalade and that mustard so itshould be perfect so we’re gonna takethis out and we’re gonna put themarinade aside because we’re going tocook that separately for about tenminutes which I’ll show you after thisand we’ll pour that on top afterwardsbut I’m gonna preheat my grill tomedium-high I mean everyone’s role isdifferent ours is a little finicky so wehave to watch it but we’re gonna startit and we’re gonna sear really high heatthey were to turn it down it’s gonnatake about 25-30 minutes again dependingon the size of your pork tenderloin oursis just a medium normal size so that’sthe first step the second steps aregoing to be really easy I said keep itsimple tonight I’m taking out things Ihave a pantry I’m gonna pair it withsome couscous that’ll take five minutesliterally and then I have some organicsweet baby broccoli which I’m going toactually throw right on the grill withit I’m gonna marinate it with some oliveoil a little salt and pepper maybe alittle garlic and it will grow forprobably quick 4 or 5 minutes on eachside you want to kind of get charged okso I’m gonna show you how to make thesauce so I’ve poured the sauce into aseparate Bowl and I’m just gonna pour itinto a pan and it’s on low because II don’t want to solve it or burn it whatit’s going to turn it down cook it saysI have raw meat and that basically it’sthickened little of it gets all theflavors going and then I’m going to takethis little KitchenAid gadget and I’mgoing to blend and puree like a littlebit of it it’s fine you still have somechunks I think it’s nice to have thatrustic look but I want some of thekumquats to sort of be blended they’re alittle chunky right now so I’ll cookthis down I’m going to heat it for aboutprobably ten minutes so that we can cookthe garlic in there get a lot of theflavors going and then I’ll come backand I’ll show you how I pureed us andlike I thought just want to try to blenda little bit of the chunks in there I’msure I don’t know if you guys have usesbefore this kitchen and it’s great forpairing students and emulsifying beingslike right in the pan all right so we’removing up her grillWow Doreen we want it to be about 140that’s perfectwe’re gonna take this off we flipped itthree times five minutes again thebiggerokay you can have it so now we’re gonnathrow on the only been about fiveminutes ready so it’s only going to beon there for a couple more and thenwe’ll talk a little bit more lemon juiceon the end and then we’re good to gookay so we’ve taken it all off and nowI’m just going to put it all together soI’m gonna take a little lemon juice andsqueeze that right over the grilledbroccoli and then just a little bit ofsaltwe already peppered it before just atiny bit of salt there and then I’mgonna slice this this pork so we let itrest for about five to seven minutes youwant all the juices to sit before youcut it and then you’re gonna get a nicesharp knife and you’re gonna slice itinto the terrain like that oh my goshand it has this like because of thesugars from the marinade it’s likecaramelize on the outside a little bitit’s so good I’m excited about this soand it’s okay for your pork to be alittle pink like that like we like oursthat was 140 if you like a little bitmore well done then cooked it to 150 butwe like anything you like stuff if youcan eat it the rarer the rarer thebetter the more rare it is so oh yeah soI’m just gonna cut those pieces it’sjust gonna be the two of us tonight andthen the sauce if you can see what I didafter I pureed it with a little blenderadd a little water just to kind of thinit out there’s a little fix and then nowwe’re just gonna put that on top of thisof this pork so I have the couscous I’mgoing to do a plate a little plate ofthat and I need a Forks all right someof this broccolini nice and then thispork tenderloin feels very like I’m inthe mountains very rustic right now soand then just chop it a little bit withthat sauce you don’t want a lot becausethe pork itself has a lot of flavor butjust a little bit you can taste thoseearthy flavors sweetness from thekumquats there you gothat’s it so I’m excited I’m glad youguys stuck around to see how we put thistogether and hopefully it’s as easy foryou guys

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